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ď82nd Annual Academy Awards"-(Commentary) by (Stephanie Lazorchak)

It was the "82nd Annual Academy Awards", better known as the (Oscars) held in Los Angeles, California. A dream I hope to experience one day.***

This year (Steve Martin) and (Alec Baldwin) hosted with a new script in line gave for an overall better experience. I can say, this saved the show-this year. Although the beauty and glamour is almost lost there are some pieces of it that remain.***

The grace of (Helen Mirren), the beauty of (Meryl Streep), the splendor of (Kate Winslet)-the last line of the magnificent females in Hollywood. That nice also gave us the smile of (Jeff Bridges), the class of (Tom Hanks), the sincerity of (Kathryn Bigelow) and the heart of a surprising winner (Sandra Bullock). These people whom stand and share their words before us and Oscar really do support what the film industry is.***

I find it sad when a film such as "Inglorious Bastards" is nominated with some of the biggest films of the year yet no one will see (Brad Pitt) any where - not here nor the "Golden Globes". Is he unsupportive to those around him? I always find it sincere and humbling whether the actor/actress, though not nominated for their role, will show to support that of their fellow cast and crew or a winner that can stand before an audience to thank the others in that category with them. Afterall where would they be without their competition?***

This year after reading a column in the (New York Times) I was worried about the show and up until twenty minutes before hand debated or not to watching the awards. I thought all would be lost within this world - once honored and glorified with the likes of (Betty Davis), (Greta Grabo), (Bob Hope), (Carey Grant) and many more. When great speeches came from past winners of (Grace Kelly), (Sally Field), (Dustin Hoffman), (Clint Eastwood), and this year (Sandy Powell), I believe words truly are becoming a lost art.***

I did not watch the show last year it broke my heart too much. (2010) seemed to be the year I would stop all together for the fear only one or two films would dominate the show entirely. I was wrong therefore I am interested to see what will come around next year.***

For the first year working together (Jonas Rivera) and (Bob Peterson) attempt to bring something new and reviving to the stage-it wasn't a complete failure. The strong changes were the entrances of the presenters, the visuals on stage from the comedy to the dancing for (Best Musical Score) and actorsí honoring their fellow actors in (Best Actor) category was fresh and new for me this year . I saw humble people in the industry stand on the stage and bring their heart for everyone to see. Whether it was real or acting it allowed the viewer to feel apart of it.***

I was pleasantly surprised about the films nominated, those that won and those that did not. I especially enjoyed the last bit with (Tom Hank's) quick announcement for winner in (Best Film), It was completely off guard and right to the point. If it wasnít planned good work on your feet Tom and I loved it.***

I would like to see presenters be something other then the same actors year in and year out, and why is it (Jennifer Lopez) is a presenter but (Fergie) isn't? Why is it that (Queen Latifah) stood on the stage to announce when perhaps (Mo'nique) or even (Oprah) should have don the honors. The choice of presenters is the same as what is on the cover of magazines. The same old tiresome bunch of people no one seems to care about anymore. People do want new, inviting, fresh and well-spoken people. When (Barbara Streisand) can barely walk on and off the stage, three things came to my mind: why her?, change your shoes or have her walk up to the mic without steps and she won't look bad. I don't understand when the world of Hollywood came to think cheap and oversold would sell more. Repetitive and uniform things often cause revolts...eventually. Give us people to wonder, lust and be excited to see. (Gerard Bulter) sure is pretty, but I would love to see (Aaron Eckhart) stand to announce or (Amy Adams) with her porcelain face and cheery attitude.***

Steve and Alec were a dynamic duo, funny and uncharacteristic to stand together. Why place (Rachel McAdams) and (Jake Gyllenhaul) whom look so uncomfortable together they screamed boredom and stood a far distance from each other? (Kristin Steward) looked high and could barely read off the screen speaking only a few short lines and that still caused her to a mess up. This is the young and upcoming actor? This is what we want our children to look up to? Funny the way class and effort can be thrown away.***

Perhaps it goes back to no one cares anymore. It's about money and sponsors. Which is why the glamour and nobility is gone.***

This year production improved, the set design was pleasing, the line up for awards flowing more smoothly, perhaps itís because the fashion wasnít up to par?***

It was boring and the dresses wore the actors not the actors wearing the dresses. Uncomfortable looking, the colors muted and fit unflattering to their bodies (speaking mostly of the women). If I had the body to wear (Dior), (Armani) or (Herrera) I would want to wear it and wear it well. Respect thy self and others.***

I love to watch the colors and flowing fabrics come down the walkway but this year nothing was inspiring, nothing screamed off the red carpet. I could not help but wonder why no one honored the late (Alexander McQueen), with the range in films, didnít anyone want to wear a fierce dress? Though I can say I would rather have seen the results that unfolded with the films this year then that of the dress code I am glad each of the actors were all covered and dressed for the regal affair.***

On a personal note (Keanu Reeves) and (Tom Ford) wearing nothing more then black suits, in my opinion they wear those black suits extremely well.***


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