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"Alice in Wonderland" - (60th) - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

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If someone wanted to trip back in the day before the popular adoption of LSD, the closest one could get would be to watch "Alice in Wonderland". Based on Lewis Carroll's book of the same name Disney's version of the tale eliminates some of the questionable wackier elements but manages to keep much of the story intact. I wouldn't characterize "Alice in Wonderland" as a Disney has done a marvelous clean up job and restoration on this 1951 surreal animation classic. While Tim Burton's live action/CGI 3D sequel monstrosity made loads of money it can't touch the charm or quality of the earlier Disney classic. ***

Alice (Kathryn Beaumont) ends up in Wonderland quite by accident when she falls down a hole while pursuing an anal retentive White Rabbit (well played by Bill Thompson) obsessed with being on time. Alice discovers a world beyond the imagination of most folks but certainly not Alice. She enounters a Chesire Cat (Sterling Holloway), a stubborn smoking Caterpillar (Richard Haydn) and a Queen (Verna Felton) who commands her deck of cards soldiers to paint the roses red and, when dissatisfied, insists on chopping off people's heads. Trippy, isn't it?

Image & Sound:

Sporting a MPEG-4 AVC 1080p transfer presented in 1.32:1 (the original film was presented in 1.33:1 or "full screen" to most folks which was a common aspect ratio through the early 50's), "Alice" has never looked quite so bold or beautiful and the Blu-ray presentation of the film is technically superb and brilliant looking. The transfer is sharp, filled with detailed and hinted at with previous DVDs. Colors pop and there's a visual depth that you could truly never sense unless you saw this in theaters. The film is presented in 1080p/AVC-encoded and I didn't detect any digital artifacts in this pristine, nearly perfect presentation. ***

Audio sounds remarkably spry with a Lossless 5.1 presentation. While this can't compare to a more recent film in the audio, the sound comes across with remarkable presence for a vintage film. Disney went back to the existing elements and, using these with computer technology, the restoration team has done a nice job of assembling a multichannel mix that's quite impressive considering the era the film was produced in and the resources Disney had to work with. ***

We also get subtitles and the original soundtrack presentation as well.

Special Features:

This special edition comes with a digital copy as well as a DVD of the movie in addition to the Blu-ray. We also get the following extras: A documentary presented in HD "Through the Keyhole" lets us hear from Kathryn Beaumont (Alice) and others on the impact of the film as well as a brief biography where Carroll's life is discussed. "Reflections on Alice" is a featurette focusing Walt Disney's decision to make "Alice" and the obstacles they faced in producing the film. This is presented in SD. "Operation Wonderland" is also presented in HD and takes us into the animation studio to learna bout the production of the film and runs just under 12 minutes. We also get a song that the Cheshire Cat was supposed to deliver and that was deleted from the film as well as a deleted scene, song demos, a storyboard for another deleted scene and a featurette focusing on a song that ended up in "Peter Pan" that was originally intended for "Alice". The introductions that Walt Disney shot for the Disney TV show for each reissue of the film to theaters through the early 60's are also included. ***

Things are rounded out with an art gallery and the option to fill in the pillar boxed presentation black areas with art produced for the film. We also get the trailer. ---

Final Words:

This deluxe edition of "Alice in Wonderland" on Blu presents a brand new documentary, new featurettes as well as some of those that appeared on the previous DVD edition of the film. Disney has done a marvelous job of cleaning this up for high definition without overprocessing the image and the soundtrack has been upgraded for a more modern presentation without sacrificing or damaging the original soundtrack for the film as well. Recommended.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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