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“Annie Hall” - {Blu-ray}
John A. Reese
Studio: MGM
Release Date:
January 24th, 2012
Special Features:

See Below


Recently, Woody Allen had the biggest hit of his career with “Midnight in Paris”. So it makes perfect sense to release some of his classics on Blu-ray. “Annie Hall” is probably his best known film and it is arguably his best work, although Allen only calls the film a minor success. In the film, Woody Allen plays Alvy Singer, a neurotic comedian, who tries to maintain a relationship with the ditzy, but exuberant Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). The film chronicles there relationships over the years with flashbacks of Alvy’s childhood, random incidents about Alvy and Annie’s relationship, and Alvy’s flashbacks with his ex-girlfriends. There are also many times when Allen breaks the fourth wall. I think this film is perfect, but there are a couple of things that might get on people’s nerves. First of all this film is very dialogue heavy, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. It’s quite the contrary. Every line is witty and the script is filled with razor sharp dialogue. If you want more raunchy humor then this isn’t the film for you. The chemistry between Allen and Keaton is perfect and plays out like a real relationship, and doesn’t feel forced. Secondly, this is more of a mature comedy so if you’re expecting something like “Bananas”, “Sleeper”, and “Love and Death”, you might be a tad disappointed, but this film is more rewarding and has a higher replay value.

Image & Sound:

As far as the audio and video goes, it is much better than the awful DVD version that was released over ten years ago. It has a healthy level of grain and the print seems to be in good condition. There are a few white specks over the film, but it has no scratches or stains on it. The audio is in mono, but it is clear and balanced. Since this film is all dialogue it’s important for the dialogue to be clear and it is.

Special Features:

The only special feature is the theatrical trailer. It’s not much, but at least it’s in high definition. Of course I’m not surprised since Allen’s movies are notorious for having no special features.

Final Words:

Woody Allen’s type of humor isn’t for everyone, but you can’t deny that Allen has influenced American comedy and that the film is a great comedy. Despite the Blu-ray disc’s shortcomings, “Annie Hall” can stand on its own, and is worth the upgrade from DVD.


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