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"Another Earth" - {Blu-ray}
Edward McNulty
Studio: Fox Searchlight
Release Date:
November 29, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


MAlthough most people think of alien invaders and space battles when “sci fi” is mentioned, science fiction at its best posits a “What if…?” The people at Sundance realized this when they awarded the Alfred P. Sloan Prize to Another Earth. Basis for the award was that it “best portrays a sci-fi story” to director/writer Mike Cahill and co-writer Brit Marling’s intriguing film.*** On the night that teenaged Rhoda Williams (Brit Marling) hears on her car radio that a blue planet is entering our solar system, she makes a fatal mistake. Intending to study astrophysics at M.I.T. after her high school graduation, she is on her way home from a drinking party when she looks up to catch a glimpse of the blue star. Thus as she comes to an intersection her car wanders from its path, crashing into another one and killing the wife and daughter of John Burroughs (William Mapother), a famous composer and professor at Yale University.*** After her release from prison, Rhoda has given up college plans and takes the job of cleaning woman at her old high school. When she learns the whereabouts of the widower, who has dropped out of life, she goes to seek forgiveness. However, unable to find the words, she manages to hire on as his cleaning lady.*** It is fascinating to watch their relationship develop and to learn that the mysterious planet, now so close that it can be seen even in the daytime, turns out to be a mirror image of our Earth. We wait in suspense the moment when John will discover her identity, and also wonder about the essay contest that she enters. A billionaire has arranged for a space shuttle to transport a group to visit Earth 2. To open up the passenger list to the unwealthy, he has set up the essay contest, the winner of which will be welcomed aboard along with the paying passengers.***

Special Features:

Deleted Scenes/

Music Video: "The First Time I Saw Jupiter" by Fall On Your Sword

The Science Behind Another Earth featurette

Creating Another Earth featurette

Fox Movie Channel featurettes: -Direct Effect with Mike Cahill -In Character with Brit Marling -In Character with William Mapother

Final Words:

This is a fascinating “What if…?” film exploring the themes of guilt and atonement. The filmmakers were inspired by and consulted with astro theorists, so the fictoona; story has some grounding in science. There is plenty to question in the tale, such as why there doesn’t seem to be any disturbance of the tides as the alternate Earth draws closer. However, the multi-verse theory, which states that ours is but one of an endless number of universes existing simultaneously, is intriguing enough to keep us wondering what will happen next, especially at the end as the credits scroll up the screen.***


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