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“Beauty and the Brief Case” - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Image
Release Date:
Special Features:



“Beauty and The Brief Case” is the type of stuff that any studio could turn out in its sleep. Hilary Duff stars in this family romantic comedy. It isn’t groundbreaking but nor is it meant to be. It’s a pleasant diversion for teens and adults won’t be embarrassed watching it. Produced for the ABC Family Channel (owned by Disney), the film is predictable, cheesy and pretty darn silly but there’s no nudity, there’s no blood or gore and there’s no superhero flying in to save the day from a tense situation. Based on the book Diary of a Working Girl most teen girls will find it entertaining while just about everyone else might find it annoying. ***

Duff plays a young writer who pitches an unusual story idea; she believes that all the best unmarried men worth dating are working in the corporate world so she suggests to her editor (Jaime Pressly) that she go undercover and find available guys in the brief case and tie world. ***

The film gets into problem when it comes to the work place suggesting that the screenwriter has never held a job outside of the film business (perhaps this is due to nepotism or just plain ignorance about how the job world works, perhaps it was a choice on the producer or director. It’s unclear but it’s pretty absurd how the “business” world is portrayed. The film would have been far more interesting if we had seen the comic struggles of dealing with those idiots who interview people for jobs having no clue as to HOW to interview somebody without violating Federal or State law regarding discrimination and conveniently forgets all about things like background checks, etc. that might have provided us with some suspense or even a modicum of unpredictable comic moments. This is poor sitcom level writing and it’s pretty sad that people get paid to do this type of stuff. Does the Duffster find Mr. Right in the workplace? Come on, you have to ask? ---

Image & Sound:

“Beauty and the Brief Case” looks fine in its DVD presentation. There’s a hint of aliasing and some other minor transfer issues but nothing that will truly distract those wanting to watch the movie (and it’s not as bad as the really, really awful transfer that was done for, say, a TV show like “Alias Smith and Jones: Seasons 2 & 3” which looked like the person who transferred it was truly blind or watching the show on a 1950’s TV). ***

Audio is serviceable. Dialogue is crisp and clear.

Special Features:


Final Words:

When you open “Beauty and the Brief Case” you’ll find a substandard, mindless bit of entertainment that you might have seen on a basic cable channel about 10 years ago. It clearly cost very little to produce and the writers/directors/producers clearly have no idea how to construct a credible comedy that actually takes place in the real world. Will your tweens care? Probably not but it’s an example of how shoddy Hollywood and ABC Family continues to be when it comes to producing original programming. Rent it.


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