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"Body of Proof: Season 1"
Samantha Isler
Studio: Disney
Release Date:
September 20 2011
Special Features:

"Examining the Proof"; "If Looks Could Kill"; Blooper Reel


Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) had been on the path to becoming a great neurosurgeon before an accident resulted in her occasional loss of feeling in her hands. Now she works as a medical examiner in one of TV's newest medical murder mysteries. Dr. Hunt and her partner (played by Nicholas Bishop) tend to keep searching for the truth no matter what the cost, often putting themselves at odds with Hunt's superior, Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan). ***

This new mystery plays out like a puzzle, making it difficult to solve the case before the reveal but still drawing the audience in with full-bodied characters. The actors know how to make the show engaging without drawing attention too closely to either the social or mystery plotlines. It's also a nice change from many crime shows in that the bodies aren't all homicides--there's a nice variety to the show. This first season is pretty short coming in at nine episodes, but it certainly makes every episode worth it. There's no drawn-out storylines, and everything moves at a nice pace that will leave you waiting for the second season.***

Special Features:

This box set is a bit short on extras, but like their short season, they make good of what they have. "Examining the Proof" is a featurette examining the medical side of the mystery--how did they piece together the puzzle without forming gaping plot holes? Here they show the work the many consultants did, from advising the construction of the set to teaching actors how to properly hold medical instruments. There is so much detail in what they do that it's a shame we aren't able to see a longer feature on all the in-depth research they clearly did into authenticating the show. What we're given, however, is excellent and really gives an idea of the dedication it takes to create a decent show. ***

The second featurette, "If Looks Could Kill," appeals to the aesthetic tastes of the audience. The costume designer takes the screen and shows what she does to make everyone on the show look their best. Finally, the blooper reel is good for some laughs, as they always are.

Final Words:

This new medical mystery is off to a decent, if short, start.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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