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“Brothers and Sisters” - (Season - 5)
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: Disney
TV - Series
Release Date:
August 23, 2011
Special Features:

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Brothers and Sisters is one of those shows that never really took off, but maybe should have. It had a decent time slot (Sunday nights at 10pm, right after Desperate Housewives), an excellent cast, that included such stars as Sally Field, Calista Flockheart, and Ron Rifkin, and consistently good writing. The show was nominated for some Emmy’s and was well regarded in the critical community. But the show was canceled after five seasons, and wasn’t particularly popular in any of them. ***

The fifth and final season is as good as any of the others. The shows focuses on the struggles of widowed food company tycoon Nora Walker (Fields), who must manage her company and the lives of her five children Sarah Walker, Kitty Walker-McCallister (Calista Flockheart), Tommy Walker (Balthazar Gelty), Kevin Walker-Wandell (Matthew Rhys) and Justin Walker (Dave Annable). ***

The fifth season relies on two frequently used soap opera (or family drama, if you’re feeling charitable) clichés: car accidents and weddings. Justin Walker and two of the in-laws get into the car accident. One in-law suffers amnesia; the other goes into a coma. Justin reenlists and prepares to go off to Iraq. ***

On a more cheerful note, Sarah and her fiancée Luc Laurent (Gilles Marini), are preparing for their wedding. Kevin and his partner Scott (Luke McFarlane) are preparing to adopt. And Tommy, the most troubled member of the family, is back with a girlfriend who has an interest in genealogy, whose discoveries will change the family’s lives. ***

Shows like Brothers and Sisters are often hit-and-miss—often they loose their edge and sink to lazy, repetitive plots. (see Desperate Housewives). But Brothers and Sisters was clever and smart right to the end, and it avoided the weak final season so many shows suffer. ***

Image and Sound: The focus on a show such as this is not on arresting images, but the DVD transfer was done well. The show looks good. The sound is very good as well.

Special Features:


Final Words:

The final season of Brothers and Sisters gives the show a more than solid final season. Plot threads are wrapped up, and longtime fans get a sense of closure. But even for first time watchers, the writing and acting are good enough to justify giving it a try.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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