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"Bruno" {Blu-ray} - (Wayne)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Universal Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Video commentary, BD-Live capability, iPhone apps, deleted, extended and alternate scenes, interview with Lloyd Robinson ---


There’s good news and bad news about Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno”; fans of Cohen will enjoy it because, if anything, he’s become a bit more daring with his latest feature film the bad news is that if you couldn’t stand any of his other feature films, you won’t like this one either. Cohen certainly seems like an acquired taste and his variety of characters play into the stereotypes that we have of others in a sense lampooning our society and it’s impressions of other races, sexual orientations and other sacred cows that we secretly harbor prejudice against. ***

Gay icon Bruno has set the fashion world on fire with his fashion TV show Funkyzeit. After alienating his fans in Europe, Bruno decides to move to Los Angeles to reinvent his persona. Bruno continues to show the fashion world (and Los Angeles) with his outrageous behavior. The only person who continues to believe in him through all of this is Lutz his “assistant’s assistant”. Can Bruno regain the admiration of his fans and fame? ---

Image & Sound:

“Bruno” looks so good it could skip down a fashion run away and get cheers. Colors are bold and the detail is remarkably sharp. Luckily, “Bruno” is larger-than-life and those colors pop here. There are occasional hints of compression artifacts but they are few and far between usually in the form of mosquito noise. I also noticed just a hint of edge enhancement in a couple of scenes. ***

Audio sounds with a lossless transfer. This is primarily a dialogue driven comedy so it’s no surprise that most of the audio is driven up front but there is some nice surround activity as well.

Special Features:

We get a handful of special features. “See How They Did It” is a video commentary featuring director Larry Charles and star Cohen. We also get deleted, extended and alternate scenes. We also get an interview with Lloyd Robinson as well as BD-Live capability allowing fans to download trailers and chat with friends. For those who have iPhones there’s also a feature to allow you to download apps to the iPhone. There’s also a digital copy of the film as well.

Final Words:

Fans will love Bruno but those easily offended should avoid this film because it pushes the edge when comes to sex and comedy. Cohen continues to be a envelope pushing comedian and this character previously seen in his TV show continues to push that edge.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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