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“Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years at Warner Brothers” (Boxed Set)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner
Release Date:
Special Features:

New Stuff—A documentary on a separate disc by film critic Richard Schickel looking at Eastwood’s career and the companion book being released separately on 3/02/10


Beginning with “Where Eagles Dare” and ending with “Gran Torino” this set focuses on Eastwood’s long history with Warner Brothers. Although it’s missing key films from the period of time when Eastwood was at the height of his powers as a performer and director (those made at Universal for example including “High Plains Drifter” are every bit the equal of the best film here), that’s understandable given the limitations defined by the title of the set. ***

There are plenty of classics included here and fair amount of bad films that happens to just about any performer.


The set include the following Eastwood films:

Dirty Harry/ Magnum Force/ The Enforcer/ The Gauntlet/ Sudden Impact/ Tightrope/ The Dead Pool/ The Rookie/ Where Eagles Dare/ Kelly's Heroes/ Firefox /Heartbreak Ridge/ Absolute Power/ True Crime/ Space Cowboys/ Blood Work/ Every Which Way But Loose/ Any Which Way You Can/ Bronco Billy/ Honkytonk Man/ City Heat /Pink Cadillac /The Outlaw Josey Wales/ Pale Rider/ Bird/ White Hunter/, Black Heart/ Unforgiven/ A Perfect World/ The Bridges of Madison County/ Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil/ Mystic River/ Million Dollar Baby/ Letters from Iwo Jima/ Gran Torino


I’m not going to get into a critical review of these films because if you’re going to buy this set you already know which ones you care for and which ones are, well, lame (I would include the Oscar winning “Million Dollar Baby” and Oscar nominated “The Bridges of Madison County” in that category). The set is pretty cost effective though with 35 films for a retail price of $180.00.

Special Features:

The only things new here we get is an extra disc with a documentary by film critic Richard Schickel and a version of the book (which is available separately on 3/2/10) that Schickel wrote on Eastwood.

Final Words:

If you want an expensive way to gather some of Clint’s best (and not bad) movies along with a nice documentary and a book written by Schickel, this is a good set to pick up. It isn’t in available in Blu-ray yet though so if you want it in that format you’ll have to wait a little while.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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