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“Elvis Blu-ray Collection”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Bros
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary tracks by Steve Ponds, DVD featurettes ported over


It’s amazing how well employed dead celebrities keep raking in the cash while we have a record unemployment rate in the United States. The nice thing about dead employees (which essentially is what they have become)is they never complain. As long as the profit flows to their unemployed relatives things are just peachy keen. Heck, their unemployed (or underemployed depending on how you look at it)relatives didn’t have to work for the money to enjoy it and they can give it to causes that the dead celebrities can’t complain about such as Scientology (which seems the least Rock ‘n’ Roll religion I can think of) while the people who would have bought their product lose their homes. It seems to me the least that those keeping the flame alive (so-to-speak) for these performers would be to do a dead celebrity concert (we’ll have the voices of dead people singing along to new music after all digital sampling never means having to BE dead). I don’t know about you but I’ve seen a record of homes repossessed in my neighborhood as much as due to the fools on Wall Street such who played with risky ventures that even the mathematicians they hired to design them didn’t understand(they got their bonus, too—they must have a dead celebrity somewhere in their lineage) that is as much due to the entitlements big businesses feel they have “earned”. I’m digressing what we’re really here to discuss isn’t any of that but a dead Rock ‘n’ Roller who earns the most money of ANY dead celebrities. Talk about retirement benefits. ***

“Elvis Blu-ray Collection” takes a trio of the King’s films and bundles them together for fans in high def. We get “Jailhouse Rock” a 50’s classic and one of the few films the King made that holds up fairly well along with another time capsule of 60’s entertainment “Viva Las Vegas” and “Elvis on Tour” a film that gives us an idea as to what it was like to tour with Elvis. ---

Image & Sound:

“Jailhouse Rock” looks pretty good on Blu-ray as does “Viva Las Vegas” but they are artifacts of their time in terms of the film and textures on display; don’t expect a smooth looking grain free washed out digital presentation and you’ll be happy. That’s a good thing. ***

“Elvis on Tour” is a bit more problematic; it was shot on 16mm and then blown up to 35mm. The result is that the film tends to have the grain that one would expect of a film shot in a smaller format and blown up to a bigger one. Overall, “Elvis on Tour” looks quite good considering the inconsistent light sources, higher grain film stock used and other factors. Images are occasionally soft for this film (not a surprise) and detail sometimes gets lost in the murky lighting schemes but, overall, this is probably the best that “Elvis on Tour” has ever looked. ***

Audio is fine for all three films while none of the three have the ROCKING soundtrack that one would expect of a contemporary film, Warner has done a nice job with beefing up the soundtrack without sacrificing fidelity. ---

Special Features:

We get two commentary tracks one for “Jailhouse” and the other for “Viva” from music journalist Steve Pond plus the featurettes that were on the original DVD’s. “Elvis on Tour” doesn’t come with anything special. It’s a pity that Warner couldn’t figure out a way to include the booklet with photos that comes with “Elvis on Tour” by itself. It might have provided the U.S. with some additional jobs.

Final Words:

It’s good to see that we keep the dead out of trouble by reviving their spirit in Blu-ray sets like this. Just think of all the money you’re giving Priscilla and Lisa Marie to waste on clothes, trips around the world, Scientology meetings and the—the bonus—you prevent them from losing their homes. Who says that America’s policy during this recession isn’t working?


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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