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“ER: The Complete 13th Season”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner
Release Date:
Special Features:



Check the faces on the box for the 13th season of “ER”. Recognize any of them if you were a fan of the first five seasons? Probably not (well, maybe ONE)the bottom line is that when the cast turned over for “ER” the change to the type of stories and basic plots may not have changed only the players experiencing them. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Well that depends on if you like the same thing just with new faces. ***

The good news is that the 13th season gave John Stamos something to do other than perform as a guest of The Beach Boys and it kept the marvelous Laura Innes busy (my only complaint is that she doesn’t get much space to be sexy in the role something she does extremely well as those who remember her from her appearances of “Wings” playing Lloyd’s wife might recall). Of course it also allowed the wonderful Linda Cardellini room to grow as an actress (the only woman to ever make the character of Velma in the “Scooby Doo” movies sexy). ***

Sadly, Michael Crichton had completely pulled himself away from “ER” long before season 13 and with his untimely passing the show was left in the capable hands of John Wells and other producers who did a good job of keeping the flame burning even if it had diminished somewhat. Some marvelous guest stars help fuel the flame for “ER” including the late Robert Prosky (“Hill Street Blues”), director/actor Forest Whitaker (“The Shield”), Stanley Tucci, Annabella Sciorra and Stacy Keach. ---

Image & Sound:

As with previous seasons, Warner has done a good job of transferring the show. Colors look nice and skin tones look solid throughout. That’s not a surprise though given how recent the show was aired. ***

Audio sounds quite nice as well but keep in mind this is primarily a dialogue driven show. ---

Special Features:

Sadly no commentary tracks, no featurettes on the characters or story arcs. In other words, Warner put NO effort into including extras for long time fans who might buy this set. We get outtakes. That’s it.

Final Words:

The 13th season isn’t necessarily better or worse than previous ones…just the same and I guess sameness is good (in the same way that a Big Mac tastes the same regardless of where you buy it, BUT the writers/producers had pretty much gone down this path before when it comes to the plot twists that drive “ER”. ***

If Warner had put some efforts into the extras here I’d give this a slight recommendation to buy but without anything extra, well, this is purely a rental even with the stellar work the cast does here.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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