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“Family Guy Presents: Something, Something, Something Dark Side” (Blu-ray)
Wayne Klein
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary track, animatic scene-to-scene comparison with commentary, sneak peak of the sequel “We Have a Bad Feeling About This”, “Something, Something, Something Dark Side” table reading, digital copy


Treading over familiar ground is either very brave or very stupid and as is the case with everything Seth McFarlane does it manages to be both plus funny. As with “Blue Harvest” the predecessor “Star Wars” parody that McFarlane and his band of loonies tackled, “Something , Something , Something Dark Side” fidelity works to this latest parody although in this case we get “The Empire Strikes Back” as the focus of the parody. Reproducing scenes and using John Williams score works in favor the show but the writing quality has fallen from the heights of “Family Guy” after it returned to TV; most of the jokes in “SSSDS” have the sour after taste of reflux—you’re reminded that you’ve had this meal before but it tasted better the first time. ***

That’s not to say that “SSSDS” is a BAD “episode” of “Family Guy”; this particular episode falls firmly into the mediocre category. Fans will enjoy this but it isn’t anything all that special. ---

Image & Sound:

It’s odd to see a show like “Family Guy” still using a 1.33:1 aspect ratio this late in the game. There’s nothing wrong with a full screen presentation but the demographic audience for “Family Guy” are early adopters who probably have widescreen TV’s so it is a bit odd that it was presented this way especially for the Blu-ray. ***

Color positively pops with crisp lines, a surprisingly rich level of detail. Blacks as rich and deep as a pool of oil and, aside from a few digital artifacts the image quality remains remarkably rich and consistent throughout. What truly makes this stand out compared to the screener DVD that Fox sent was the richer color and level of detail so if you must have this pick up the Blu-ray ***

With a DTS-HD lossless 5.1 mix the audio here is a step up from the regular presentation of “Family Guy” but keep in mind that this is primarily a sitcom for all intents and purposes and audio tends to be verbally driven NOT action/ambient driven. The 5.1 mix sounds nice but it could have been utilized better.

Special Features:

We get a very good audio commentary with Seth McFarlane, writer Kirker Butler, actor Seth Green, director Dominic Polcino and McFarlane’s co-producers Mark Hentermann & David Goodman. ***

“Family Fact Ups” is a pop up trivia track. ***

“The Dark Side of Poster Art” gives us character designer Mark Cassidy and Joe Vaux discussing the creation of the cover artwork. ***

We also get scene-to-scene animatic side by side with the finished product along with commentary by Polcino. ***

We get to see the rehearsal for “SSSDS” for acts 1 and 2 aka “table reads”. ***

Finally we get a “Sneak Peek of “We Have a Bad Feeling About This” via a table read that lasts less than 3 minutes. Oh, and there’s a digital copy (an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one since BOTH are digital copies of the film) included as well. ---

Final Words:

The expiration rate for “Family Guy” seems to be fast approaching based on this and other episodes I’ve caught up with lately. Fans will enjoy the movie but this isn’t as enjoyable as “Blue Harvest”. Rent it.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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