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"Final Destination 5" - {Bluray}
John A. Reese
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date:
December 27, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


"Final Destination 5" is the latest film in this somewhat interesting franchise. Each film starts out with the main character having a premonition right before a terrible accident. He manages to save his friends from the disaster, but it's not over yet. Eventually, "Death" itself manipulates the environment in several ways to finish off the survivors. For example, in the first movie, the group of teens escape from a terrible airplane explosion. However, "Death" tracks them down in the order in which they were sitting on the plane. What I like about this series is that the villain is not the stereotypical slasher, monster, serial killer, or demon. The villain is "Death", and it is innovative by horror movie standards. Nevertheless, the series started to become stale with each passing sequel. After the last film, "The Final Destination", I had given up on the series. However, "Final Destination 5" is the most entertaining one since the first "Final Destination". This time a group of friends are going on a company retreat when suddenly one of them, Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto), has a premonition that the bus they are traveling on is going to fall off a collapsing bridge. Sure enough it does, but Sam manages to get his friends off the bridge in time. Nevertheless, "Death" will come after them one by one.

The death scenes in this movie are spectacular as they are over-the-top and entertaining to watch. Compared to other horror movies these scenes work because they are quick and painless. In the "Saw" films the death scenes involve the victim figuring out how to escape traps is shocking at first. Nevertheless, the novelty wears off real quickly. The series also returns to some of dark humor of the first "Final Destination". Plus the opening credits are probably the best aspect of the movie. Unfortunately, everything between the manic energy of death scenes is so tedious and formulaic. There are some clever parts in the script, which is above the norm in the horror genre. Although the script is not as clever as "Scream 4", which came out earlier this year. Still, it is a welcome return to this franchise. ----

Special Features:

The two disc Blu-ray/DVD combo does not come with many features. In fact there are only three of them. The first one is "Final Destination 5: Circle of Death, Your Final Destination", which is interesting because it connects the fifth film to the first one. Next there are alternate death scenes, and two Visual Effects of Death Segments (Collapsing Bridge and Airplane Crash). In addition, the package comes with a DVD copy of the film and an Ultraviolent Digital Copy. However, buyer beware! Ultraviolent digital copies are different from the regular digital copies. I am not too fond of the new Ultraviolent system, but to find out all of the details go their website (

Final Words:

"Final Destination 5 is a step in the right direction for the franchise and the film looks good in high definition. Fans of this series will definitely want to check this out. If you want the 3D experience, then wait for the Blu-ray 3D version of this movie.


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