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"The Final Destination"- (3-D)- {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: New Line
Release Date:
Special Features:

3D and 2D presentation of the film; Body Count: The Deaths of FD4; Deleted Scenes; Pre Visualization and Storyboards; Exclusive BD Live Features:; My Commentary; Live Community Screening


Promises, promises. Hopefully the makers of "The Final Destination" series of films will keep their word with this latest installment. You’d expect by now after all the sequels in the initially clever “Final Destination” series of films that we’d be, well, at our title location. You would think that the “Final Destination” franchise of horror thrillers would have used up its nine lives by now. Since this is only film four, I guess we might have to suffer through five more before the series reaches its true expiration date. The films which had a fascinating premise (for the first one at least) deals with individuals that have somehow outsmarted death only to find that death is on to them and hunting them down after they avoided being killed because of a bad feeling or premonition. Here’s hoping Death takes a holiday after this gore fest. ***

The latest film in the franchise “The Final Destination” promises that the door might finally be closed on this increasingly anemic series but remember in Hollywood you can never say never. If a film is profitable Hollywood will find some way to squeeze one extra dime out of it so don’t be surprised to see more coming our way perhaps in 3D yet again. ***

“The Final Destination” was presented in 3D in theaters over the summer. In the latest film Nick O’Bannon has a premonition that a day at the races will end for him and his friends as a night at the morgue. Nick, his girlfriend Lori and their friends Janet and Hunt escape from the audience at a car race just as a bizarre accident causes cars to crash with flying debris filling the stands where they were just before. As with all of these films Nick and his companions find that we’ve all got expiration dates stamped on us we just can’t see those dates and “Death” continues to stalk them. The quartet quickly realizes that while they had a stay on their “execution” they will be vacating the planet fairly quickly. Nick must figure out how to survive and cheat death once again. ***

As with all these types of films the stories become nothing more than an excuse for more and more gruesome deaths and sprays of blood by the gallons. The problem with “The Final Destination” isn’t the premise but that we’ve seen this many, many times before and the only attraction of this the last film (hopefully) in the series is that it is presented In 3D. ---

Image & Sound:

“The Final Destination” looks quite nice in its Blu-ray presentation. The 3D effect of the film is fairly good although obviously not as good as presented in theaters. Colors are bold throughout and the detail is amazingly sharp looking it’s a pity all this technical expertise wasn’t put to better use for a better movie. ***

The surround speakers get a workout with a 5.1 lossless DTS-HD presentation with plenty of action when Death is about. ---

Special Features:

We get both the 3D version and regular version of the movie as well as some other extras to round out the special features here. ***

Other special features include a featurette entitled “Body Count: The Deaths of FD4”. We also get deleted Scenes, pre Visualization and storyboards. The exclusive BD Live Features include My Commentary and live Community Screening.

Final Words:

All I can do is hope that this is indeed our last stop in this series. Don’t get me wrong, the film isn’t bad it’s just a predictable mishmash of what we’ve seen before. The only unique factor here is truly the 3D effect and while that is handled well, I would have hoped that someone somewhere would have thought to bring just a tiny bit of originality to this our “Final Destination”.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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