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“Gary Unmarried”-Season - (1)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Touchstone
Release Date:
Special Features:



“Gary Unmarried” lasted about as long as it takes for a divorced guy to jump back into the dating scene—20 episodes which is roughly about five to six months. For a guy that is supposedly “uncomplicated” (from the description on the back) Gary yells a lot and usually that means that the character is a heck of a lot more complicated than it appears. Gary (Jay Mohr) does his best as a dad trying to raise his kids with his ex-wife Allison (Paula Marshall). Newly divorced Gary discovers a whole new more complicated world as a single parent than he imagined and that includes dealing with his kids, his ex and even dating. By the end of the first episode we discover that Allison is getting remarried (something that naturally disturbs Gary since it closes that chapter of his life) and the remaining 19 episodes focus on everything from Gary breaking up the unnaturally close friendship that develops between his ex-wife Allison and his girlfriend to going over to fix his ex’s garbage disposal. ***

I like Jay Mohr but the character of Gary is loud and obnoxious throughout the series. That may work for most comedy shows but it also gets tiring if the characters don’t develop beyond this and unfortunately despite the pedigree “Gary Unmarried” doesn’t develop all that well. If you followed the series (which based on its ratings I imagine most people didn’t) and liked it then you’ll like this set from Disney. If not and you are a fan of either Mohr or Marshall I’d suggest renting. ---

Image & Sound:

“Gary” has a nice anamorphic transfer. Colors look solid throughout and detail is nice. Digital noise and edge enhancement crop up now and again but over all “Gary” looks pretty solid in its DVD premiere. ***

Audio: We get a good sounding 5.1 mix but as with most sitcoms it rarely uses the format all that well. ---

Special Features:

We get a number of featuettes which is a surprise given the brief run of the series. “The Chemistry of Comedy” focuses on the show itself interviewing cast and crew about the series and its premise. ***

“Planet Begley” lets co-star Ed Begley Jr. discuss his “green” living style including a tour of his house. ***

“Tuesday on the Set with Jay” features Mohr giving us a set tour. ***

“Gary Unhinged” features material from the blooper reel. ---

Final Words:

Honestly I think this show has a great concept but poor execution. The writing is O.K. as are the performances but it fails to live up to its potential. It’s not a bad series per se it just doesn’t achieve the level of hilarity I had hoped for. Rent it.


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