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"Green Lantern" - (2) - Disc {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date:
Special Features:

See Below


First up--be aware that you may have to do an update on your player otherwise the Blu-ray will free up about 30 minutes before the film concludes. This isn't a 3 disc set but a 2 disc set (the 3D edition IS a 3 disc set from what I gather)--we get the Blu-ray, a DVD and a code for streaming the Ultraviolet Digital copy. I'm a bit disappointed it won't work on an iPad.***

"Green Lantern" may have fallen short of fan expectations but it wasn't for lack of trying;the story focuses on one of the Green Lantern's greatest enemies Parallax and gives us a good introduction to the Corp and its history.***

The main flaw of "Green Lantern" is the lack of movement in the second act of the film--the story has to include TWO origin stories one for our hero and one for the bad guy which brings the film to a stand still at one point. Still, "Green Lantern" is entertaining and Ryan Reynolds brings his characteristic charm and humor to the role.***

We get both the theatrical cut and the extended edition which includes more background on Hal Jordan's childhood and the death of his father. A couple of other scenes are extended and rearranged a bit but otherwise the film is, essentially, the same in terms of the story being told.***

The Blu-ray looks terrific with a sharp looking, detailed transfer and a terrific lossless audio soundtrack that positively will shake your room. I haven't had to update my firmware in quite some time and although some Blu-rays take a bit longer to load, it hasn't ever effected playback on my Sony player until now. It's a minor complaint but something fans should be aware of if they try to watch it immediately when you get home.***

Special Features:

The special features include a terrific Maximum Movie Mode that allows you to see behind-the-scenes footage, commentary, featurettes, storyboards, character bios, etc. as well as deleted scenes. We also get a Justice League digital comic, "The Universe According to Green Lantern" featurette.***

Final Words:

Although flawed director Martin Campbell's film has the larger-than-life drama and comic book sense of wonder that is essential (and a sense of humor)for a film like this to work for the average audience member. The freezing issue with the Blu-ray was a bit of a pain but it was pretty easy to remedy.***


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