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“Gun” - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Image
Release Date:
Special Features:



What happened to Val Kilmer’s career? After “Batman Forever” it seemed like he was sure to continue to make bigger, better pictures. Instead, his career seemed to peak with “The Doors” and his career plateau occurred quite early. It’s too bad because he’s a terrifically underrated actor who deserves to be in better garbage than this. ***

“Gun” is the type of film that would have been a basic cable movie back in the day on a third or fourth rate network. While the film looks handsome enough with nice production values, the film itself is pretty badly written. Curtis Jackson better known as the rapper “50 Cent” wrote this as a starring vehicle for himself. I’d suggest a few writing classes before penning a second screenplay next time. Packed with every cliché you can imagine, “Gun” isn’t any worse than his direct-to-video DVD “Before I Self Destruct” and given that this is his second film you’d think he would display some of what he learned about writing. ***

50 Cent stars as Rich the title illegal firearms dealer in Detroit. When Rich and his crew accidently kill an innocent bystander when they try and take out their main competitor, he finds himself being pursued by detectives (the marvelous James Remar best known for “Dexter” and Paul Calderon). ***

Meanwhile Angel (Val Kilmer) an ex-con has served his time and gets released only to find that his wife is dead (she was the innocent bystander). Coincidence serves Angel well since he once saved Rich and he turns to Rich for a job. We see lots of gunfights, big explosions and absurdly done over-the-top scenes that makes you wonder if 50 Cent was shooting (pardon the pun) for parody. It’s pretty clear that he isn’t or if he is, he doesn’t understand what satire is. I hope that Remar and Kilmer were well paid. ---

Image & Sound:

“Gun” receives a solid enough transfer to Blu-ray. Detail is solid throughout and blacks are fairly solid throughout. For all of that though the film doesn’t have much depth but looks solid enough. ***

Audio sounds quite nice with a technically proficient lossless soundtrack. ---

Special Features:

The trailer is the only thing we receive.

Final Words:

A clichéd, badly written film that features nice cinematography, “Gun” fires blanks.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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