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"Hanna" - {Blu-ray}
Edward McNulty
Studio: Summit
Release Date:
Sept. 6, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


Director Joe Wright’s (Atonement; The Soloist) new film is a gripping addition to the thriller/revenge or vengeance genre, the action enhanced by the driving music of The Chemical Brothers. Its 16 year-old heroine Hanna (Saoirse Ronan—first seen in Atonement) is a far cry from one of John Hughes’ teenaged heroines, Hanna being raised in the deep forests of northern Finland by her ex-CIA father Erik (Eric Bana) with one purpose in mind—vengeance. No high school and friends for her. Erik has home-schooled her, the only books on hand being an old encyclopedia and a small copy of Grimms’ Fairy Tales.***

Day in and day out Erik has trained his daughter in all the arts of killing—martial arts, the use of a knife, and of guns. Plus at least six languages, one of which is Arabic. He has told her that when she feels ready to go out into the world on her mission, she will switch on the geo-tracking device—but she should know that once she does so, there will be no turning back.***

When the day comes for her to strike out into the world, all hell breaks loose, because the rogue agents have been looking for her father, and then, by extension her, in order to kill them. With the action almost nonstop, Hanna’s learns from some kind strangers what a real friend and a family are like. This part, which leads to her yearning to stop her fleeing and hiding and find a place she can call “home,” adds a poignant touch to what could have just been another action flick. Also Cate Blanchett adds a touch of class as a first rate villain. We learn, of course, why Hanna is wanted dead, and also more of the circumstances of the death of Erik’s wife.***

Special Features:

Audio Commentary: Director Joe Wright stays on the subject, providing the background information fans want and not going off on tangents.***

Adapt or Die : The major cast members and stunt coordinator Jeff Imada talk about fight training and choreography and developing their characters.***

Central Intelligence Allegory- A discussion by the two leads and writer Seth Lochead on some of the background of the fantasy and archetypal elements of the story.***

Chemical Reaction: In "Enter The Chemical Brothers" director Wright talks about the great musical score and working with The Chemical Brothers.***

Anatomy of a Scene: The Escape from Camp G : An all too brief analysis of the process (from storyboards to the set construction) of developing a scene.***

Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending: Not much here, except for an alternative ending.***

The Wide World of Hanna

Hanna Promo

Final Words:

In the hands of a director and cast with less talent, this might have played out as just another amoral chase picture, part of what now is a thriller sub-genre in which CIA agents are no longer heroes, in the days of the Cold War, but now menacing villains.***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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