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"Hawaii Five-O: Season One"
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: CBS
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

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Thirty years after the end of the original Hawaii Five-O series, the show is back with an expensive reboot. All the old characters are back: Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan), Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim). Some might wonder if the show really needed a reboot, but to worry too much about that ignores the fact that the new show is actually pretty good on its own merits. ***

In this age of DVDs and the Internet, viewers demand back stories for their characters. (In the original, head detective Steve McGarrett got only a very mininal back story). Now McGarrett is a former Navy Seal whose father was murdered by bad guy Victor Hesse (James Marsters), making his grudge with organized crime personal. ***

McGarrett becomes head of a specialized strike team who fight crime independently of the local police. McGarrett and his team use a combination of brains, high technology, and weaponry to take down the criminal infesting the islands. ***

The series may not be as memorable as the original (which was unusual for its then high use of on-location shooting), but it is still enjoyable. Like the original series, the plots quickly become repetitive, though it is the kind of repetitive that bears rewatching. The acting is consistently good, and there is always something fun about watching attractive people running around with guns fighting crime. The guest stars bear mentioning—James Marsters is lots of fun as criminal kingpin Victor Hesse, and Norman Reedus, D.L. Hughley, and Dane Cook also bring a lot to the show. ***

The Hawaii Five-O reboot is lots of fun, and easier on the eyes (the show is set in Hawaii, after all) and is better plotted than most of its competitors. ***

Image and Sound: The image looks fantastic, with all the colorful Hawaiian scenery presented in all its splendor. The colors look vibrant and amazing. The sound is, for the most part, similarly strong. The sound is great—the gunshots sound real, the score sounds wonderful, and the dialogue is clear and cript. The only weakness in the soundtrack lies in the first episode—for whatever reason, the sound in that episode is weak.

Special Features:

There are lots of special features on this set. There is an audio commentary, some deleted scenes, a feature looking at the impact the original show had, and a making-of feature about the pilot episode. There are lots of deleted scenes and audio commentaries on discs two through five, and on the sixth disc the special features pick up again. There is a feature discussing the story lines through the season, a piece exploring the making of the show’s many action scenes, a gag reel, promos, and trailers. Overall, a great slate of special features.

Final Words:

The reboot of Hawaii Five-O is lots of fun and well worth watching.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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