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"Hawaii Five-O: Season Eleven"
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: CBS
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

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Hawaii Five-O was one of a show that stayed on forever, lasting twelve years before it ended. It may not have been the best show of its era, or any era, but it worked. If the episodes were formulaic and predictable, the formula was a watchable one and the action was fun to predict. ***

Season eleven was the last season for James MacArthur, who played detective Danny “Danno” Williams. Series regular Chin Ho (Kam Fong) had left the show after the previous season. Unusually for a TV show consisting almost entirely of stand-alone episodes with little continuity, Chin Ho was murdered while on a stake-out instead of simply disappearing as many other regulars did. ***

Season Eleven contains the classic episode “Number One With a Bullet,” an episode that is famous among fans of the show for its tight plotting and focus on disco music. Another season highlight is the season finale, shot on location in Singapore and guest starring former James Bond George Lazenby. ***

Special Features:


Final Words:

Hawaii Five-O was the longest running American show when it was cancelled (and held the honor till Law and Order surpassed it in 2003). Season Eleven starts to show the show’s age, but it still well worth watching.


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