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“HawthoRNe: The Complete First Season”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:



Jada Pinkett- Smith returned to TV with “Hawthorne” a TNT show that is more of a throw back to the older fashioned medical dramas. Pinkett-Smith plays the title character a devoted if strident nurse recently widowed and spending most of her time. Lacking the larger cast of “E.R.” and other shows, the series focuses on the core six main characters of the series. Hawthorne constantly butts heads with administrators at the hospital and others who threaten her domain or the services that she and the doctors offer to the patients. The show reminds me of a soap opera with less sex and outrageous melodramatic moments. One of the flaws of the show is that it is a throwback to series like “Marcus Welby, MD” where the hero of the show is perfect, never makes mistakes and always does the right thing. That can often make for boring clichéd drama and there’s not enough evidence here that “HawthoRNe” will fall into that trap yet or not (at least with this season). ***

As with most TNT shows the season is shorter for “HawthoRNe” than for traditional network TV shows but this one is even shorter because it began as a summer replacement series. The first season consists only of ten episodes which makes it a bit tough to do a fair assessment of the quality of the hsow. ---

Image & Sound:

“HawthoRNe” looks quite nice with a colorful anamorphic transfer. Detail is quite nice throughout. Part of the reason the show looks so darn good is the transfer the age of the show(brand new) the other is the fact that we have 10 episodes with plenty of wiggle room so that some of the harsher elements of compression are avoided for the image quality. ***

Audio sounds fine with a nice 5.1 Dolby Digital mix. ---

Special Features:

First up we get a brief sneak peak of the second season of the show. Next we get “All in a Day’s Work” an interview with Jada Pinkett-Smith discussing her take on the show. “Inside Richmond Trinity” allows the other cast members to give their opinions on the show (in less than five minutes) and “Get to Knows the Cast of HawthoRNe” features the main actors revealing little know facts about themselves all in a spritely 2 minute featurette. “HawthoRNe Medical School” demonstrates what the actors have learned about medical equipment while “Male Nurses” features actor David Julian Hirsch who plays a nurse that elects not to go to medical school to become a doctor but, instead, become that rarity—a male nurse. “Shooting a Scene focuses on a visual effect involving a prosthetic leg done by Suleka Matthew who also supervised the shoot and “HawthoRNe’s Heroes” allows the cast and crew to very briefly expound on their personal heroes. ---

Final Words:

I have to be honest I didn’t find “HawthoRNe” to be a very compelling or groundbreaking show. It’s entertaining but it lacks the sizzle of “E.R.” and, in many respects, is a throwback to the medical dramas of the 70’s before large ensemble cast crowded up the little screen. You may want to rent before deciding to buy.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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