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"I Am Number Four" {Blu-ray} - (James)
James Rapien
Studio: Buena Vista
Release Date:
Special Features:

Deleted scenes


I Am Number Four centers around two characters named John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) and his guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant). They never get too comfortable living in one place because they are not from Earth. Their race (the Loreins) is being killed off by the Mongadorains. The Loreins must continue to hide from the Mongadorains, a malevolent race of beings who want to kill the last nine Loreins. Having killed three of them already, John is next on their list. John and Henri leave New Mexico and wind up in Paradise, Ohio. He ignores his guardianís warning not to get involved with the local people and John enrolls in school. Pretty soon he begins to like a girl named Sarah (Dianna Agron). This leads to a group of bullies to not look at John in the best way. ***

The bullies are far from Johnís mind after the aliens come to town. This sparks the movie into some intense action sequences. It is somewhat hard to keep tabs on everything that is going on, but the action scenes are pretty good overall. With the movies young actors, the moviemakers set up for a sequel that could be the launching pad for Alex Pettyferís career. Overall, this movie is entertaining. It is a pretty solid movie that is at least worth a look. ---

Image & Sound:

I Am Number Four does not disappoint as far as imagery is concerned. It is crisp and detailed. The Blu-ray is a bit choppy in the darker scenes, especially at night. But it will please the majority of its' audience. ***

Audio sounds very good and each energy blast will sound like it is right next to you. Its' audio is in 5.1 surround and sounds great.

Special Features:

The Blu-ray doesn't offer much variety when it comes to special features and extras. It does have 19 minutes of deleted scenes and a one on one interview with Teresa Palmer (Number six). The interview is interesting because you get to see different stunts and visual effects.Those are the two main attractions to the special features. However, they are accompanied by three minutes of bloopers and a Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Real Steel trailer ---

Final Words:

Unfortunately this film doesnít maximize its potential, similar to a lot of other D.J. Caruso productions. With that said itís action scenes and sheer potential make it worthwhile. I Am Number Four is solid and could lead to a great sequel. The action scenes and storyline give the movie enough value to view it once.


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