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"The Incredibles" - {Blu-ray combo pack}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
Release Date:
Special Features:

All the original special features from the two disc DVD plus additional featurettes Rated: PG


The Incredibles" is, well, an incredible film. If you're reading this review you've probably seen it and know all about the fact that like Marvel comics, it takes the superhero and puts a uniquely human spin where not everyone gets along all the time kind of like real life. Borrowing from the then unproduced "Watchmen" graphhic novel as well as the Marvel comics universe, director Brad Bird created a dysfunctional family grappling with having super powers in a world occupied by normal folks and villains that want to be super themselves. ***

While magazines like Entertainment Weekly has gone on record as naming this the fourth or fifth best Pixar movie (with strangely "Cars" one of the LEAST impressive Pixar movies as #1--I think that the EW writers need a very LONG vacation), I find "The Incredibles" to be the best movie Pixar has produced and that includes the "Toy Story" trilogy. You may ask why and I'll answer; Bird creates a complex, believable universe with rich, well developed characters AND he creates a film that can appeal on multiple levels to a large, broad audience that also echoes the Bond films and superhero films that we've seen produced over the years. THAT'S an accomplishment that hasn't been equaled by anyone else at Pixar including John Lassiter. I knew that Bird was capable of this as his first major film "The Iron Giant" gave us a preview of his talents as a writer and director (PLEASE someone give this man a live action movie as well!). ---

Image & Sound:

"The Incredibles" features a truly stunning looking transfer. As with all of the Pixar releases Buena Vista has outdone themselves yet again with a brilliant, sharp transfer with depth that was only hinted at by the DVD. Colors positively pop throughout the presentation. ***

Audio has a full bodied, active sound that also improves on the DVD as well. ---

Special Features:

All of the extras from the previous two disc DVD edition have been ported over to the second Blu-ray disc (and the extras that were on DVD one in the original edition are on disc one here as well). Aside from getting a digital copy (isn't than an oxymoron since they are ALL digital--perhaps calling it a portable device copy is too cumbersome), the new stuff includes the following featurettes: Paths to Pixar: Story Artists a six minute behind-the-scenes glimpse into how the storyw as developed; Studio Stories: Gary's Birthday-an amusing story about the production of the film and it's animated no less; Ending with a Bang: Making the End Credits which is pretty self descriptive, character profiles (in SD), all the trailers plus The New Nomanisan: A Top Secret Redevelopment Plan a clever short animated piece showing how Syndrome's island was turned into a resort. ---

The retail price for this set is unusually high ($45 although it is less expensive here at amazon) and I'd get it while you can at a lower cost if you want the Blu-ray. I'm a bit surprised at not offering multiple packaging options given the economy but luckily retailers are offering this film at a decent price. ---

Final Words:

"The Incredibles" continues to be a groundbreaking, terrific film and the Blu-ray also sets a new high standard for the Buena Vista releases. Is this set worth picking up again on Blu-ray? Yes. I just don't understand WHY Disney didn't offer multiple options given how a lot of folks don't have the money to spent on entertainment like they did before--we're seeing gas prices rise (not because there's a shortage mind you) and despite the Obama admininstration claim that we are seeing an improvement in the economy and unemployment rates (the President is using the same approach that every President has done sinc Reagan--stop counting those who are unemployed for more than a year creating a false sense of security and recovery), we're really not and it seems to me premium products really only do well when money is plentiful. I'll recommend this but I'd like to see Disney diversify their products a bit to reflect the times.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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