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“The Informant!” {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary track featuring the director and writer, deleted scenes


Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) is really, really odd. Just like this movie from Steven Sonderbergh is. Let me just say that while I enjoyed “The Informant!” I don’t think many other filmgoers will cotton to Soderbergh’s latest film because it’s more like the odd offerings he occasionally makes to appease the gods of quality entertainment. If you enjoy Sonderbergh’s often quirky, odd sense of humor you’ll enjoy “The Informant!” So I’ll be up front with you—if you haven’t seen this rent it first to see if it’s your kind of movie. Damon is fricking brilliant giving a rich performance as a very dense man so is Scott Bakula in his supporitng role. Heck, everyone is fricking subtle, sly and brilliant in this flick. You still may not like it but PLEASE give it a chance. ***

So Whitacre a star at ADM corporation decides to turn whistle blower when he discovers that the company is embroiled in a price fixing scam. Only Whitacre’s story about what’s really going on at his company and how, exactly, Whitacre, MIGHT be a hero or not. Perhaps Whitacre’s I.Q. was always low or perhaps he’s his mind resembles daylight’s savings time and is really diminishes once a year. He’s guided so-to-speak by FBI agents (one of whom is played by the marvelous and often underused Scott Bakula one of Hollywood’s most talented team players). Is Whitacre a crook himself? Is he touched? Perhaps he has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). What’s surprising is that this is based on a book by Kurt Eichenwald about a real life case. Go figure. ***

That said, “The Informant!” is an enjoyable ride just remember this isn’t a rollercoaster like the “Ocean’s” films that SS made but like a carousel ride with half wits riding. A big middle finger to Warner Home video for NOT offering this at discounted prices to the various rental companies so people have to BUY it. There’s nothing wrong with buying it but to be forced to buy it to see it or wait a month is just plain wrong. Warner does a lot of stuff right but this greedy, manipulative move does a disservice to their customers and just plain sucks. ---

Image & Sound:

“The Informant!” receives a stellar, sharp looking transfer. Even if the characters in “The Informant!” aren’t sure what’s truly going on, but clearly who the folks did the transfer are sure that this movie should look good. Colors and skin tones look quite nice. Detail is sharp throughout. Keep in mind the over saturated image is intentional and part of the director’s attempt to recapture the look of the 1970’s. ***

Audio quality sounds quite good as well with a nice lossless soundtrack. It’s not outrageously active but the sound stage is still quite good. ---

Special Features:

We get a chatty and clever commentary track from director Soderbergh bringing a wry insight to the table. He’s joined by Scott Burns who wrote the screenplay and they are an amusing pair. *** We also get deleted scenes

Final Words:

“The Informant!” promises a good time for all and it lives up to that promise but you have to be prepared that this won’t be the breezy flicks that Soderbergh made with George Clooney but if you give this amusing, off-beat and downright quirky film a chance you’ll enjoy it. Kudos to Matt Damon who while not the obvious choice for the job is great as Whitacre.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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