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“In Plain Sight" - (Season) - (3)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Universal
TV - Series
Release Date:
March 29, 2011
Special Features:

See below


Wow. I feel completely different from most of the reviews here that state that the third season for "In Plain Sight" left them disappointed; I felt that it was a natural outgrowth of In Plain Sight: Season Two and just as strong as the first two.***


Season two opens with Mary (Mary McCormack)recovering from the gang shooting that nearly killed her at the conclusion of season two. She's uncertain where her relationship with Raf(Cristián de la Fuente)is going even though she accepted his proposal and she's frustrated because she can't recall the face of her shooter. Marshal (Frederick Weller)feels guilty because he wasn't there for her like she was for him when he was shot previously. She returns uncertain of how she should feel and wanting to jump right back into her witsec responsibility.**


The third season continues to be as entertaining filled with the droll humor of the first two seasons.***

I particularly liked the episode "When Mary Met Marshall" where we see how the two first met and how Mary was brought into Witsec.***

Image & Sound:

The DVD looks quite nice with a very good looking transfer. Audio sounds quite good as well.***

Special Features:

This season has some nice extras (although fans don't buy the show for that reason necessarily) including commentary tracks on "Father Goes West" Commentary with Series Stars Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller and "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" Commentary with Series Stars Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller (so someone must have been reading the reviews complaining about no commentary tracks). We also get deleted scenes, cast interviews and a photo gallery. I would have (**hint**hint**) a featurette or two on the production of the series and/or the storylines for each season, etc.***

Final Words:

Why doesn't the show get five stars? There were a few episodes that were a bit predictable in terms of the outcome and I'd like to see the writers take more chances with the characters/plots. Also, the boxed set could use a couple of featurettes on the production of the series just for fun.***


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