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"Inside Job"
Wayne Klein
Studio: Sony Classics
Release Date:
Special Features:

Featurette, deleted scenes, commentary track Rating: PG-13


The Oscar winning documentary "Inside Job" dares to shine a light on the massive con job that Wall Street (one among many I might add) and the negative impact of government deregulation of financial institutions can have on the world economy. Government convinced the people (and foolish economists such as Alan Greenspan) that what was good for Wall Street was good for OUR economy when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Wall Street has become the home of the ultimate flim flam men who con people out of their hard earned cash with little regard for the social impact focusing only like a those with narcissitic personality disorder on their own immediate gratification and gain. ***

"Inside Job" begins by giving us a history on the recent deregulation of Iceland's financial market and how it undermined their economy mirroring the crash that we experienced due to the lack of regulation in the United States. We also see the ripple effect that this crash has on the rest of the world including interviews with economists who predicted this would happen if the market continued to do business as usual and those in denial who contributed to the destruction of pension plans and our economic institutions due to greed and a blind belief that Wall Street could somehow police itself. ***

Kids inside a candy store might not be inspired to eat all the stock if there was someone watching over them making sure they paid for it. Those on Wall Street were those kids and, unfortunately, as the regulating body watching over Wall Street was slowly dismembered during 30 years of deregulation, they went wild proving that what is good for Wall Street (the companies that benefited from selling high risk deriviatives -essentially high risk loans packaged together and "sold" to pension plans and others as "safe" in the ultimate example of conning their customers)is bad for United States and world economy. ***

Director Charles Ferguson provides systematically detailed proof of the ultimate swindle and how every time Wall Street introduced "new" products to make profits as deregulation continued there was a new economic crisis that pulled the world economy into a giant black hole of massive debt, lost jobs and further erosion of the economic gains made by the middle class since World War II. *** Sadly, virtually none of these CEO's who drove their own companies into the ground, contributing to the destruction of pension plans and other retirement funds were prosecuted--in fact they were often rewarded by companies "firing" them with millions of dollars of compensation for gambling in a high risk environment. Ferguson's damning documentary narrated by Matt Damon also documents the results of that destructive high risk behavior and reward system that paid those within Wall Street for perpetuating a con job on investors and the general public. As can be expected none of these CEO's accepted responsibility for their behavior and government continues to exist in a perpetual state of denial as to how a variety of administrations have allowed those in power to be corrupted by those CEO's that influence policy making in Washington. ***

Many of these people were rewarded in other ways by administration jobs within government (which is akin to hiring criminals to watch over criminal activity). People complain about the pharameutical industry and the lobbying that they do with government officals and doctors but the real people we need to be concerned about are those on Wall Street. There is a 4 to 1 ratio for lobbyists for various Wall Street interests to each and every representative in government. They are essentially "buying" our government and then be allowed like those children in the candy store to gobble down every item in the store. Once that child gets sick and vomits all over the store we, the American people have to clean up the mess and pay for it (unlike the UK, France and other countries though our government isn't smart enough to ask for concessions from industry bailing out a failing system without asking for anything--controls or controlling interest--to prevent it from occurring again). ---

Image & Sound:

"Inside Job" receives a good looking transfer just keep in mind that the film uses a variety of sources from TV footage broadcast including the hearings about how our economy was corrupted by Wall Street lobbyists, fresh interviews made for this documentary and various news programs. Image quality varies from soft to sharp but that's to be expected. ***

Likewise, audio varies quite a bit but this isn't the type of movie one looks to for a big cinematic experience when it comes to sound.

Special Features:

Including a featurette on the making of the documentary, deleted scenes and a commentary track by the filmmakers.

Final Words:

"Inside Job" provides an excellent document of what went wrong and what continues to be wrong in our government and in Wall Street. The confusion that what's good for Wall Street is good for our economy continues to dominate thinking in our government when the opposite has consistently been proven. Those who have run our government for the last 30 years (it doesn't matter what political party they belong to)and people like Alan Greenspan who have argued for LESS control suggesting that the market would control itself (uh-huh)have missed the point; greed rules and greed will always cause those with no common sense to allow criminal activity within Wall Street. What's good for Wall Street is ultimately bad for the world economy. ***

"Inside Job" proves much like the book Too Big To Fail that lobbyists have too much power in the United States swaying our government, damaging our economy and helping to continue the erosion of the gains made by the middle class (the same middle class that acts as the glue that holds our economy together by spending more dollar for dollar than the wealthy do supporting our economic prosperity). Right now we are facing attacks on the middle class which became the driving force in our economy prosperity and there is considerable debate about curtailing the gains made by the middle class while the wealthy continue to benefit from NOT having to pay their fair share of taxes. We are seeing an attack on mulitple levels that threatens to undo much of what has made this nation great and "Inside Job" gives us a front row seat at the worst freak show ever allowed to be run.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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