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“The Invention of Lying”- {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Outtakes, featurettes, Podcasts, digital copy


I have a theory. Humanity wasn’t thrown out of paradise for taking a bite from the forbidden apple. Adam and Eve fibbed. Yep, the fruit of knowledge wasn’t the bad thing here it was their first taste of a lie to God. In “The Invention of Lying” the latest comedy feature from the original star and creator of the UK “The Office” and the HBO series “Extras” Ricky Gervais has a simple premise—what if lying had never been invented? How would the rest of the world regard the man who created the first “lie” and took advantage of it in a truthful world? "The Invention of Lying" is the greatest film since "Citizen Kane" (Really? You believe that? Oh God!) and the 3D effects are better than "Avatar" and also features the same cast of characters. James Cameron's direction is unbelievable (I'm sitting on a throne of lies!). ***

Writer Mark Bellison invents lying by accident when he’s trying to comfort his dying mother. Suddenly, Mark is the authority on the afterlife but, more importantly, he finds that lying can get him except Anna (Jennifer Garner) a woman that Mark is in lust with but can’t touch with a ten foot pole. Mark gradually finds that lies lead him to his own sense of truth. He also finds himself wealthy, revered and finds that a religion based around the lies he told to his mother flourishes. In a world where everyone speaks their mind and treats every question as an opportunity to be blunt, direct and unctuous, Mark provides liberation but he finds himself strangely restrained by the very things that free others. By the way, the movie is being distributed free and it's screening in Heaven (Uh, Ok if you believe that I have some swamp land I'd like to sell you...) ***

Well made with some terrific comedic performances, I’m a bit disappointed that “The Invention of Lying” didn’t do better in theaters as it’s an adroit, witty and well made comedy but perhaps part of that problem is that “The Invention of Lying” isn’t an obvious comedy like, say, “The Hangover” (which I liked as well) where there is a lack of subtly. Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with a comedy without subtly but those that are more subtle tend to lose an audience and tend to be a little more difficult to sell. I should warn you that “The Invention of Lying” just like the UK version of “The Office” or “Extras” isn’t always a laugh-out-loud comedy, instead it’s one of those comedies that constantly tickles you. ---

Image & Sound:

Since we live in a world of lies, I’ll have to focus on trying to be honest here—the transfer looks very nice (liar!—it’s actually exceptional) with so-so colors (once again another lie—colors pop, skin tones look like tarnished silver (nope, they look like…natural skin tones dofus). Detail looks likeyou’d expect in Heaven (no, but detail looks quite nice). There are digital artifacts everywhere marching around in their underwear (Gasp! A lie!) ***

Dialogue sounds like it’s from the lips of a silver tongued devil. Yep, it’s that good (well, maybe not but it’s very good indeed). ---

Special Features:

Don’t believe the case it’s all LIES! (nope it’s fairly accurate). We get “More Corpsing and Outtakes” with deleted scenes. “Prequel: The Dawn of Lying” focuses on the world that Ricky and his collaborators created and what inspired them. “Meet Karl Pilkington” featurette and “A Truly ‘Honest’ Making of Featurette with Ricky Gervais” takes us behind the scenes into the characters and behind-the-scenes on the film. “Ricky and Matt’s Video Podcasts” are the podcasts that were uploaded at the website for the film while it was in production and in theaters. We also get trailers and a digital copy of “Avatar” (What you believe me?) ---

Final Words:

A movie that will reinvent the human race and bring world peace, “The Invention of Lying” is an amusing film (well at least part of this statement is true. You guess which one)that you’ll enjoy and if you buy it you get to have lunch with Ricky Gervais (OK, my lips are moving so I must be lying!).


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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