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“It Might Get Loud”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Sony Pictures
Release Date:
Special Features:

Toronto Film Festival Press Conference, commentary track by the director and producers, deleted scenes


A movie about three guitar players talking about their style, approach to the instrument and actually playing. Sounds as exciting as a movie about global warming and the damage to the environment starring a former Vice-President of the United States and that’s because the director is the same guy Davis Guggenheim and, surprisingly, he makes a pretty involving movie about three generations of guitar heroes Jimmy Page (IMHO a talented but often sloppy guitar player), Dave “The Edge” Evans (of U2) and Jack White (of the White Stripes) with his new movie “It Might Get Loud”. ***

Building your own guitar out of fence wood, a Coke bottle, twine and nails might seem like an extreme way to open a movie about guitar playing but it’s a perfect illustration of each guitar player’s approach to their instrument—after learning the basic chords of the Blues and Rock n’ Roll most self taught guitarists end up building up their own sound, their own unique approach to the instrument. It also details Guggenheim’s approach to film direction and this movie. ***

Following Page back to his home in London as well as the Edge back to the Dublin school where he first hooked up with the rest of U2, allows the guitarists to relax and revisit their past. Along the way we hear echoes of the guitarists that influenced from them including Son House (Page) and more contemporary musicians. The conclusion is apt—all three play guitar merging their different, distinctive approaches to their instruments. “It Might Get Loud” gives us an insight into three very different era of guitar players influenced by very different people from the Blues, Punk Rock to Alternative Rock. ---

Image & Sound:

A sharp looking transfer, “It Might Get Loud” has a crisp, colorful looking transfer. The detail is quite good. ***

Audio is where it’s at here and we get a fine sounding 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround mix that allows these guys to ROCK. ---

Special Features:

We get a commentary track with director David Guggenheim, producer Lesley Chilcott and producer Thomas Tull. It’s quite informative on the production although it might have been more interesting to hear the guitarists comment on the scenes where they weren’t featured. ***

We also get deleted scenes and the Toronto Film Festival Press Conference for the film when it premiered there. The Q&A for this is quite good although you do learn more from the commentary track. ---

Final Words:

A fascinating glimpse into the creative process from three talented guitar players from very different generations and very different approaches to their instruments, “It Might Get Loud” should be turned up to full volume while watching it.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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