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“Justice League" – (Complete Series)
Taylor Carlson
Studio: Warner Bros.
Release Date:
Special Features:

New Bonus Disc Documentary "Unlimited Reserve: Exploring the Depths of the DC Universe"., Commentary on 8 episodes with Series Creators: "The Enemy Below Part 2", "Legends Part 2", "The Savage Time Part 2", "Twilight Part 2", "A Better World Part 2", "Starcrossed Part 3", "This Little Piggy", "The Return"., Featurettes: "Inside Justice League", "The Look of The League", "The Blueprint for Justice", "Justice League - The First Mission", "Voices of Justice", "Justice League: Declassified", "And Justice for all", "Themes of Justice", "Cadmus: Exposed", "Justice League Chronicles", Music-only audio track for the final episode "Destroyer".


The Justice League is a timeless group of super heroes. There have many animated adaptations of DC’s best characters united together to battle the forces of evil, but these recent series have been some of the finest adventures of the team to date – they are certainly a step up from the campy old “Super Friends” series from the days of old. ***

The set includes 91 episodes of Justice League action. What you get is the equivalent of 5 seasons worth of material – Justice League Season 1 (previously released in a season set of the same name), Justice League Season 2 (previously released in a season set of the same name), Justice League Unlimited Season 1, Justice League Unlimited Season 2 (these two seasons were previously released in a set called Justice League Unlimited Season 1), and Justice League Unlimited Season 3 (which was previously released in a set called Justice League Unlimited Season 2.) That’s a lot of action with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all the rest. ***

These are excellent series for a number of reasons. There are many ongoing story arcs, which are extremely entertaining, and it’s great to finally have a television adaptation of these characters that isn’t cheesy and campy as sin like the Super Friends was. No DC comics fan will want to be without these episodes? ---

Image and Sound:

As recent animation, the episodes look and sound pretty damn good. There are almost no major flaws to speak of, audio and visual-wise alike. It’s a crisp, clear presentation and the audio gets the job done just fine.

Special Features:

In addition to the discs themselves having a wide variety of featurettes and commentaries, the set includes a bonus disc with a new documentary on the series and the making of. This is essential viewing for any fan of the show. There is a lot of stuff on this set other than the episodes, and these commentary tracks and featurettes only sweeten the deal.

Final Words:

This is an excellent collection of some of the best DC Comics-based animated entertainment to date. If you’re a fan, this set comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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