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"The Lincoln Lawyer" - {Blu-ray} - (Samantha)
Samantha Isler
Studio: Lionsgate
Release Date:
July 15 2011
Special Features:

Making the Case; At Home on the Road; One on One with Matthew McConaughey and Michael Connelly; Deleted Scenes ---


Smooth-talking lawyer Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) is used to cutting corners in the courtroom in order to get his clients an "innocent" ruling (or at least a light sentence). Representing many the unsavory character, Haller and his sidekick detective (William H. Macy, whose hair is perhaps reason enough to see the movie) take a savage pride in using any means possible to win the case. Everything changes when Haller acquires a new client, a rich partyboy accused of attempted rape (Ryan Phillippe). ***

At first the case seems pretty standard, if a little bit difficult. There isn't much evidence for the boy's innocence, and Haller becomes uncharacteristically concerned that this case might conclude with an innocent man in jail. But suddenly the boy's tale starts unraveling, and Haller begins suspecting there might be much more going on. The courtroom drama quickly evolves into a thriller, and despite what the trailers give away, there are plenty of twists and turns to throw the viewer off-kilter. Though there are a few cliches present, the overall effect is still refreshing enough to be thoroughly entertaining.***

McConaughey delivers a solid performance, defying pop culture's refusal to let him be successful outside of cheesy romantic comedies. He brings a charm to the otherwise thoroughly dislikeable Haller, and adds a good amount of humor to the story that compliments the tension nicely. McConaughey's presence turns the character into something complex, giving us the story of a lawyer with both integrity and warped morals. Haller is able to search for ultimate justice while still managing to be kind of an asshole. You sort of hate him, but still root for him the entire time--it's a very interesting twist to the normal "scumbag lawyer has a golden heart" premise.***

Image and Sound:

Great camerawork adds to the movie without drawing attention to itself. The visuals here add to the suspense of the movie and are gritty without feeling overemphasized. Only in hindsight will a viewer realize how astonishing the visuals are, the camerawork is so under the radar. Lionsgate used a 7.1 sound mix here, keeping the dialogue crisp even through many hushed courtroom conversations.

Special Features:

The special features all revolve around the movie's origins as a suspence novel. In "Making the Case," (14 min) author Michael Connelly describes the process of converting his book to the big screen. Then he takes the viewer on a ride through LA, pointing out important locations in "At Home on the Road" (10 min). Connelly then interviews Matthew McConaughey on portraying the character Mick Haller in the short "One on One" piece (5 min). Wrapping up the bonus features, the Deleted Scenes (4 min) turn out to be extra footage more than entire deleted scenes.

Final Words:

While "The Lincoln Lawyer" can be occasionally formulaic, excellent performances bring a fresh feel. This movie is thoroughly enjoyable and a good choice for both fans of psychological thrillers and courtroom dramas.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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