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"Looney Tunes" - Vol. (1) - (Platinum Collection) - {Bluray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
TV - Series
Release Date:
November 15, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


Warner has done an exceptional job of restoring many of these classic cartoons first for the DVD presentation and now for Blu-ray using the same high def masters for both.***

Unless giving the deluxed, limited boxed set as a gift, there's really no advantage to spending the extra money to me as the essential content (the shorts, extras, etc.) are the same.***

Image & Sound:

How does this set look? The DVDs looked exceptional--with bright, bold colors and crisp detail. The Blu-ray although it isn't as much a huge jump from, say, VHS to to remastered DVDs but they are still worth picking up. What was dazzling in the DVD sets is even more dazzling here. There's improved detail and other improvements that are quite noticeable. Your mileage may vary depending on your set up but for me this was an improvement.***

Be aware however that dark backgrounds still show the dust that was on the animation cels when they were photographed to create the film. I'm fairly certain that Warner chose not to remove this because it's technically not considered a "flaw" by them--it's like film grain an inherent element of the shorts and there was concern about overuse of digital clean up tools to remove all the character of the originals. You may like this, you may not but it's still there so be aware of it.***

Audio sounds quite nice with a nice restored mono presentation of the original soundtracks.***

Special Features:

This three disc set contains 50 cartoons on the first two discs. Unfortunately Warner has once again mixed up these cartoons often sequencing them in a sometimes puzzling fashion; I would have group them by character, era or type of cartoon. There is a pretty good comedic flow in the sequencing here but it is a bit frustrating if, for example, you want to stick with a certain era or director. The first disc is grouped with a series of classic Bugs Bunny cartoons followed by Daffy Duck and then a smattering of the other popular characters.*** Featurettes include:***

Wagnerian Wabbit: The Making of What's Opera, Doc?***

Twilight in Tunes: The Music of Raymond Scott ***

Powerhouse in Pictures***

Putty Problems and Canary Rows ***

A Chuck Jones Tutorial: Tricks of the Cartoon Trade***

The Charm of Stink: On the Scent of Pepé le Pew***

It's pretty clear that most of the critical and audience favorites were the focus on disc one.***

The second disc features a mix, again, of Bugs and Daffy along with some of the ones associated strongly with certain directors for example "One Froggy Evening" by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese and "The Dover Boys at Pimento University" (a cartoon that I've never cared for and the appeal of which, honestly, has always escaped me) by Friz Freleng and Ted Pierce.***

Featurettes include:***

It Hopped One Night: The Story Behind One Froggy Evening***

Wacky Warner One-Shots***

Mars Attacks! Life on the Red Planet with My Favorite Martian***

Razzma-Taz: Giving the Tasmanian Devil His Due***

The Ralph Phillips Story: Living the American Daydream***

The third disc includes 9 Chuck Jones government shorts including: "Point Rationing of Food", "90 Day Wonder", "Hell-Bent for Election", "Drafty, Isn't It?", "So Much for So Little" and "A Hitch in Time" plus "The Dot and The Line" Jones' Academy Award winning short based on Norman Juster's book and "The Bear That Wasn't". "The Door" an anti-war parable produced by Bill Cosby is included in what appears to be an SD transfer upscaled and we getthe pencil tests for "How The Grinch Stole Christmas".***

We also get "Chuck Amuck" the movie about director Chuck Jones; "Chuck Jones: Extremes and In-Betweens" a salute to Jones; "Chuck Jones: A Memory of Childhood"***

The last disc is rounded out with the following cartoons with popular characters "out of their element" as it states and documentaries/featurettes. Almost all of these appear to be in standard definition which is a bit disappointing. : "Fright Before Christmas" (an SD presentation of the cartoon which suffers from some interlace issues), "Spaced-Out Bunny", "Duck Dodgers and The Return of the 24 1/2 Century", "Another Froggy Evening", "Marvin The Martian in The Third Dimension", "Superior Duck", "From Here to Eternity", "Father of the Bird", "Museum Scream"***

The packaging is quite nice. The discs are packaged on the inside of the outer covers. There's a book in the center that gives us details on each cartoon (although curiously the years they were made in aren't listed)and the special features are listed along with a synposis for each cartoon included. There's also nice artwork including photos of model sheets, pencil tests, etc. as well as information on various characters.***

Warner has done a good job of putting this set together much like the strong job they did with the DVD sets but, again, I would have preferred that these be grouped by characters, directors or themes for the whole set. I understand why Warner puts these sets together the way they do (just enough of the popular cartoons along with unknown gems and some outright stinkers)to they continue to sell it's a bit annoying for collectors.***

Final Words:

Most of the work here is exceptional but as noted there are some issues with SD transfers being used (I'm assuming no high def master exists for these)and some other minor issues with the set.***



Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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