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“Lost: The Complete Fifth Season” {Blu-ray and also available on DVD}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Buena Vista Studios
Release Date:
Special Features:

Featurettes, commentary tracks, gag reel, Easter eggs


Headline from the “Lost Gazette” ***

“A Thermonuclear Device on the Island That May Help Those “Lost” to be Found. ***

The fifth season of “Lost” continued to be intriguing although it was also clear that the series was running low on fuel. With multiple stories taking place in multiple time periods, it was a challenge for a show that had flashbacks, flash forwards and glimpses of things that might be keeping audiences on its toes simply because the writers were juggling so many balls. ***

All of that said the fifth season of “Lost” continued to be entertaining and while the series did occasionally give in to the tropical heat and lay down in exhaustion, the performers, writers, directors and producers mostly kept us on their toes with a dazzling if exhausting bit of slight-of-hand magic. John Locke somehow found himself the leader of The Others (asking himself early on in one episode a question which nicely sums up the trippy time travel nature of the series—“When am I?” ***

Meanwhile Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly), Sun (Yujin Kim), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Ben (Michael Emerson) and a reluctant Sayid (Naveen Andrews) all find themselves headed back to the island after escaping. Some members of the group arrive in the present while others find themselves transported to the 1977 and this allows them the opportunity to reunite with old friends. All of this is tied into the discovery of a nuclear device on the island named Jughead and Daniel (Jeremy Davies) going on his own time traveling odyssey to try and set things right again as the timeline increasingly becomes chaotic. ---

Image & Sound:

The Blu-ray for the fifth season looks spectacular. Colors pop and it’s clear that the show was designed with high def in mind. Clarity, detail and the deep inky blacks are often remarkable. The only time that things are a bit blurry or soft is when it was intentional. ***

Audio bursts out of the speakers like a pack of wild animals making for the tropical jungle during action sequences. Dialogue remains clear with nice subtle touches during quiet scenes. ---

Special Features:

Every boxed set of “Lost” has had some remarkable and often puzzling extras included whether they be information on the Dharma Initiative from the 1960’s/1970’s or more contemporary pieces of the puzzle. This set is no exception. ***

The extras include “Lost on Location”; “Building 23 & beyond; An epic day with Richard Alpert”; “Making Up for Lost time”; “Mysteries of the Universe” delving into the quantum physics (and fantasy) of the series, “The Dharma Initiative”; “Lost bloopers”; “Behind scenes footage” and featurettes and audio commentaries. I’m reluctant to go into too much detail about the extras here simply because there are spoilers in a lot of them. My advice—watch them AFTER you’ve watched the complete series unless you have a burning desire to have the entire series of mysteries that unfold spoiled for you. ---

Final Words:

“Lost” remains one of the most inventive, puzzling shows on TV. J.J. Abrams and Daniel Lindof took a challenging premise thrown their way by the head of ABC and created a fun creative puzzle that rivaled the mythology of “The X-Files” without getting bogged down in all the dead ends laid out in that series. Kudos also to the show runners who continued the high quality plotting and while they occasionally let plot fatigue interfere with the show, they managed to keep the quality on course and made the audience NOT feel like they were lost without a compass most of the time. The sixth and final season promises to be pretty intense and fascinating.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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