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"Lost": (6th & Final Season) {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Buena Vista Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary tracks, featurettes, documentary, deleted scenes, BD-Live material



Review: TV shows with a long story arc run into issues with having all the story elements tied up. It became an issue with “The X-Files” (among others) which left a sour taste in the mouth of many fans. Although producers and show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof almost managed to pull off the proverbial hat trick—“Lost” managed to tie up almost all of the loose ends effectively and although a lot of fans (like myself) were disappointed with the end of the series (purgatory? Really that’s the best they could come up with for the “sideways” story? I’ll admit it did blindside a lot folks who theorized that the main storyline took place in purgatory but there was far richer stories to be told IF the “sideways” story had been developed differently). Nevertheless, Cuse and Lindelof effectively came in and cleaned up five years of storytelling twists and turns that like “The X-Files” kind of had a plan but a very vague one. ***

“Lost” had an ambitious, creative story that began on a dare from a network executive unfortunately like a lot of J.J. Abrams stories the series paid off more often with shock twists and turns rather than logic which made the series inconsistent at best. Nevertheless, it was one heck of a run and given that the show could have petered out like the silly last two seasons of “Heroes”, the producers did a good job of pulling it all together. Whether or not you agree with the outcome of the series “Lost” like a lot of series that Abrams has helmed was one heck of a rollercoaster ride and luckily it didn’t degrade into silliness like “Alias” did with its increasingly absurd storyline. ---

Image & Sound: The sixth season of “Lost” looks quite nice with a beautiful, sharp transfer. Blacks look solid throughout , skin tones are accurate and colors pop when they are supposed to. While there are occasional shots here and there that are soft, the show looks marvelous in its Blu-ray debut. Detail and clarity are remarkably good throughout. ***

Audio sounds brilliant with a great lossless presentation. The audio presentation is quite active with nice use of surround speakers. If this isn’t reference quality its quite close.

Special Features:

Boxed sets like this can stand or fall in terms of their worth to purchase on special features and the presentation. Most fans have already seen the sixth season and have purchased the previous five so Buena Vista COULD get away with giving them little to nothing. They haven’t done that here though. ***

We get three commentary tracks on three of the best episodes—“LA X/Across the Sea” features Cuse and Lindelof; “Dr. Linus” features Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and actor Michael Emerson; “Ab Aeterno” features actor Neston Carbonell along with Melinda Hsu taylor and Gregory Nations and each one is entertaining and informative. *** “The End: Crafting a Final Season” is a short documentary focusing on how the producers managed to wrap up the series. ***

“See You in Another Life, “Brotha” focuses on the alternate reality as seen through the eyes of the cast and crew. *** “A Hero’s Journey” gives us an overview on the story arc in “Lost”. ***

“Lost” on Location” is part of a continuing series covering the production of key episodes from the show. ***

We also get a short "episode" that tells us a bit about what happened after Hurley became the guardian (with Ben) of the island. I have to admit I didn't expect much from it and I wasn't disappointed as a result. As a short glimpse into the post-"Lost" world, it's not much and it's little more than decoration here. Fans will enjoy it of course but those looking for other answers to the questions raised by the series will be a bit disappointed. As with all TV shows of this type it's not necessarily about the answers but about the journey but the producers DID promise many answers and while they did deliver on most of them some of the plot threads left dangling were frustrating and, well, a bit sloppy. If your expectations are low you'll be rewarded. ***

“Lost” in 8:15-A Crash Course” gives a brief recap before diving into season six in eight minutes and fifteen seconds. We also get bloopers, deleted scenes and the ability to keep track where you are in watching the series as the disc based special features final extras. ***

“Lost University-Master’s Program” is a BD-Live feature that allows you to take “courses” to give you a better understanding of “Lost” and it’s kind of a cool extra to have here for hardcore fans. ---

Final Words:

Something of a cultural phenomenon “Lost” captured the public imagination for a while before the series became mired in ever thickening plot twists with little in the way of resolution. With season four the series turned around again and by getting back on track to a resolution. ***

Season six had to pack lots of answers into it and while the series failed to answer all the questions, it answered enough to keep many fans happy. The difficulty I had with the conclusion is that came off as a silly “Indiana Jones” knock off after so beautifully investigating the complex characters of the series (including my favorite the late departed Mr. Ecko who, aside from John Locke, truly was the most fascinating character on the show). Fans will enjoy this set and those who just want to know all the answers may be a bit disappointed but they’ll still enjoy the ride.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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