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“The Marine 2”
Wayne Klein
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release Date:
Special Features:

Featurettes, deleted scenes


Sent in the Marines! Wait sent in the Marine 2! When is a sequel not a sequel, if it shares only the name and very basic premise of its parent. “Marine” was a pretty good action film with Wrestling star John Cena. Since Wrestling is essential acting with stunt men it’s no surprise that many of their better performers (Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin) have gone on to acting careers. Ted DiBiase Jr. the star of “The Marine 2” does a credible job in this sequel and the film although it meanders losing much of its steam after a solid opening is still an enjoyable action flick that probably could have used a bit more work in the pacing department. ***

DiBiase plays Joe Linwood who spends his vacation working when terrorists crash a VIP event that his wife is attending and is taken hostage. Taking a page from “Die Hard” Linwood tackles the terrorists one-by-one using his Marine training to take down the bad guys, save his wife Robin and blow things up real good! ***

While “The Marine 2” borrows from previous thrillers (particularly the “Die Hard” films), the film manages to be entertaining and diverting which is the least you can ask for a rental. Unless you need to have a carbon copy of five (six counting “The Marine”) films that you probably already own, I’d suggest this is a fine rental but nothing more. This is the type of flick you watch home alone when you’re sick or when the weather is really crappy because of the sub-tropical setting. ---

Image & Sound: I didn’t notice any major issues with the Blu-ray transfer. Blacks are fairly solid throughout and skin tones are nice. Compression artifacts if they are there are minimal since I didn’t see them while I was watching this Blu-ray. I accidently got the DVD as well so popped that in and it does have some compression issues. Blacks are a bit crushed in the DVD but as with the Blu-ray the colors are accurate throughout and skin tones solid. ***

The audio sounds strong throughout with a nice 5.1 presentation. The surround speakers do come to life during the action sequences and while they are a bit anemic in some sequences over all they sound good. ---

Special Features:

We get deleted scenes, Village Virtuoso” which focuses on the village where the fight scenes were staged in Thailand. “The Last Resort” allows the director Roel Reiene to discuss how he planned the shots during the terrorists siege. “Building a Legacy” focuses on star Ted DiBaise Jr. and his discussion of being a third generation wrestler and shooting his first film. “Muay Thai Outtakes” and “East Meets West” gives outtakes of the Muay Thai fight sequences and shows how the scenes were staged. ***

“Production Paradise” and “Inside the Production” gives us featurettes on the shooting location and shooting the film. ---

Final Words:

An enjoyable if predictable action thriller that borrows from a number of good sources. It’s still an enjoyable flick for a rainy day.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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