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“Mentalist - 3rd Season"
Wayne Klein
Studio: CBS/Paramount
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

See Below


As with the previous two seasons Patrick Jane (Simon Baker)continues to help CBI (California Bureau of Investigation)as they take on unusual cases too big for local law enforcement. He also gets a little closer to his serial killer nemesis Red John as he discovers that there might be a traitor within CBI informing Red John allowing him to stay one step ahead of Jane and the CBI team (Robin Tunney, the marvelously dry Tim Kang, Owaine Yeoman, and the beautiful Amanda Righetti). The stand-alone episodes allows Jane and the CBI team to tackle a number of fascinating cases that are a puzzle to the local police. During the season Jane and his team come under the scrutiny of J.J. LaRoche (Pruitt Taylor Vince of "Identity" fame)and must prove their innocence in the murder of a suspect.***

Image & Sound:

The show receives a very nice, sharp looking transfer. Colors and skin tones are accurate throughout and although blacks are occasionally crushed and there are some minor compression artifacts on the whole the regular DVD presentation looks particularly fine.***

The 5.1 audio mix isn't quite as active as some--remember this is a dialogue driven show with moments of action but it is active enough.***

Special Features:

The special features include a featurette with expert criminologists giving us an "offender" profile of Red John and suggesting what his motivation and plans are for the outcome of the game Red John plays with Jane throughout the series.***

"Red Moon": Directed by Simon Baker" gives us a glimpse of the work that went into the production for this episode directed by the series star.***

We also get "Lost Evidence" featuring cut scenes.***

Still missing are any meaningful commentary tracks from the cast and crew (that would be a nice plus for this set) or even a trivia track on the Red John linked episodes providing us with back ground from season to season for each episode. The latter would be nice simply because the key episodes are spread over the three season run (to date)with more coming in season four. For those who have already seen season three it would have been nice for a commentary track on the final episode to discuss the outcome and it's resolution in the first episode of season four.***

Final Words:

On the whole season three more than stands up to the first two seasons with further character development and a better understanding of Patrick Jane's character (and Lisbon's)which, surprisingly, creates an even large aura of mystery surrounding them.***

Highly recommended.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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