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"Mimic - Director's Cut" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Miramax
Release Date:
Special Features:

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A terrific if flawed fantasy/horror film, "Mimic" suffered from studio interference as the film was taken away from Guillermo Del Toro prior to release and recut. In the wake of his success with "Pan's Labrynith", Del Toro was given the opportunity to recut the film, alter the pacing and tone of the film to reflect as much of his original vision as possible and that included reinstating some scenes cut prior to release.***

Unfortunately, the meddling began well before the film went before cameras and the pre-production screenplay truly represents the "Director's Cut" of the film but, sadly, that film was never shot. As it stands though "Mimic" is still a terrific fantasy/horror/thriller even if it isn't what he had originally hoped for.***

Shot for less than $8 million the film did decent business at the box office (well enough to inspire two sequels that Del Toro wasn't involved in)making $25 million. This new Blu-ray release sparkles with a sharp, nice looking transfer. The film has always looked dark and the Blu-ray gives this film the visual depth that it has always needed and this is a much needed upgrade from the rather murky looking DVD released in 1998.***

The presentation isn't perfect however but it still looks exceptionally good particularly compared to what has come before and kudos must be given to Lion's Gate for allowing Del Toro the opportunity to return to this film and improve it. The film has always looked quite grainy and the Blu-ray remains true to the "look" of Del Toro's conception.***

Special Features:

An introduction from Del Toro and a commentary track where the director discusses the challenges he faced making the film from pre to post-production. We also get a fine featuette on the creature design and "Reclaiming Mimic" covers some of the same ground as the commentary track. "Back into the Tunnels" demonstrates what a shoddy DVD we got in the beginning as it provides us with lots of behind-the-scenes footage about the production of the film (the original DVD was virtually bare bones). Finally we get a gag reel, deleted scenes, animatics and the threatrical trailer (outside of a "digitial" copy of the film).***

Although compromised (to some degree from the very beginning), "Mimic" has a marvelous idea and the re-editing does a nice copy of capturing the creepy mood that Del Toro was going for as well as restoring some of his original intent in making the movie. We'll never truly get a "Director's Cut" of the film because, quite frankly, there was a lot of stuff that was never shot for the film. Still, what Del Toro has done here has improved the film and the extras go a long way to explaining what went wrong (Miramax and the Weinsteins)during the shooting.***

Final Words:

While much remains the same about "Mimic" there's enough change to the structure of the over all film that improves it. Lion's Gate does a great job with the transfer considering the source and the extras are top notch. My only complaint is that for comparison purposes we should have gotten both cuts on Blu-ray.***


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