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"Mission Impossible (4) - (Ghost Protocol) - (Movie Review)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Paramount
Genre: Action Release: 12/7/11
Cast: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner,Paula Patton, Simon Pegg,Michael Nyqvist,
Brad Bird

When Tom Cruise lost it a couple of years back it impacted my ability to enjoy the films he was in and for a long while I avoided them. Having said that, I enjoyed "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol" and found it to be the most consistently entertaining of the four films produced in the "MI" film series. Bringing director Brad Bird ("The Incredibles", "The Iron Giant")best known for his CGI films made with Pixar was a wise move--Bird proved that he had the ability to make an exceptional thriller with involving characters even when they were CG and now he had the chance to prove he could do the same with live action thrillers.***


The convoluted plot boils down to this: Ethan Hunt has been disavowed due to an operation that went awry and he's forced to work with an mysterious analyst named Brandt(Jeremey Renner "The Hurt Locker" and forthcoming "Avengers"), Jane (Paula Patton "Jumping the Broom")and the only member of his team that he's worked with before Benji (Simon Pegg "Paul", "Star Trek") now a field operative. Hunt's team can't rely on anybody within IMF because the organization is being blamed for the destruction of a military facility in the Kremlin. Hunt discovers that Hendricks (Michael Nyqvist of the original "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo")a dangerous terrorist has active launch codes for a Russian nuclear device and plans on using it to start a nuclear war.


A well made thriller with some truly astonishing action set pieces including a scene where Hunt must scale the tallest building in the world in Dubai, "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol" truly delivers on its promise and is, quite possibly, the best of the four films that Tom Cruise as starred in and co-produced. The writing by André Nemec and Josh Applebaum (both "Alias" alumni working with "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams as co-producer of the film)focuses on developing the plot not so much the characters in the film (although a cursory attempt is made with the IMF team)but then these type of films aren't about developing character as much as it is to create just enough to help the plot fly.***

Final Words:

"The action is nonstop in "M:IGP" and fans looking for a spectaular display of explosions/action sequences won't be disappointed. The main flaw of the film is the lack of character development and the use of familiar faces (Jeremey Renner, Josh Holloway in a cameo, Tom Wilkinson)to help flesh out characters that aren't given much screen time to develop but, as I mentioned earlier, that's really not the point of "M:IGP".***


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