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ďThe New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete 3rd SeasonĒ (Exclusively online at the WBShop)- (DVD-R Burn-on-demand)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date:
Special Features:

Zip and a poor presentation at that


An Emmy winning series that ran five years ďThe New Adventures of Old ChristineĒ certainly deserves better than the bad release that Warner Home Video has given it for its third season. The first two seasons had nice picture quality, packaging, well placed chapter stops, extras and menus. The third season of the series appearing on DVD-R burned on demand has none of these things. The quality here is little better than a poorly made bootleg of a popular series. ***

If Warner isnít willing to put the effort into a recent show like this and make it as attractive as possible they should just license it out to another studio (like Shout Factory) because at the very least weíll get a show that looks and sounds good plus has nice packaging and can be purchased fairly easily from a variety of sources. Warner Archives has done a good job of making cult classics and hard-to-find releases available on DVD-Rís at occasionally decent prices for films that might not otherwise have sold enough copies to justify a release. ***

ďThe New Adventures of Old ChristineĒ is none of these things and while the show didnít exactly burn up the charts when the first two seasons were released on DVD, they sold well enough to justify releasing this season. I understand wanting to squeeze additional profits out of their releases but lately Warner has been desperate and done a disservice to their customers in the process; it began with their ďdelayĒ releasing their new movies on DVD and Blu-ray to rental copies like Netflix and others then ďbribingĒ them by offering them cut rate prices on the DVD and Blu-ray releases for NOT purchasing their releases for same day release as a rental. The hope of course was to make YOU the consumer buy more product. The point though is that people arenít buying these on Blu-ray and DVD because we are in the middle of a recession. Itís a cheap tactic that does a disservice to their customers. The fact is that most people are not going to go out and buy something because there has been a delay in renting the item and a lot will forget to rent them because it has slipped their mind. The fact remains that you can often digitally download these same titles from cable providers so, in reality, this does nothing but hurt the people that donít have access to digital downloads and STILL hurts Warnerís sales, Neflix and other rental companies (Red Box Iím looking at you as well) that have made a deal with the devil at the expense of their customers. ***

So releasing ďThe New Adventures of Old ChristineĒ on dual layered DVD-Rís with nothing in the way of extras at the same retail price as a regular release is just gouging the fans of the show and mistreating them as well. My adviceódonít buy this junky release and sent Warner a message. Write them a letter, sent them an email to let them know you donít like being treated this way. Iím not going to suggest that you should bootleg the show but you could and get product as good if not better with the correct chapter stops and create your own artwork with better results. ---

Image & Sound: With a show this new the show should look flawless and it does look very good. Detail is good although the image quality is a bit soft which I find surprising for a show this new. With two hours of video on each disc there are occasional compression artifacts that crop up. ***

The cheap packaging states that the soundtrack is presented in Dolby Surround but we get two channel stereo. Heck, we donít even get subtitles or a closed captioning option. ---

Special Features:

Sadly, there arenít any. There arenít even any properly time chapter stops around commercial breaks. They seem to be quite random occurring every ten minutes. Itís sloppy work overall.

Final Words:

ďThe New Adventures of old ChristineĒ is a good show and Julia Louis-Dreyfus deserved her Emmy win. I still canít recommend that you buy this on DVD-R though because youíre getting ripped off. This release is just one step above a bootleg release. Picture quality is pretty good but all the stuff that a DVD release SHOULD have over a decade after the format has been around are missing. Warner, Iím very, very disappointed in the quality of this product and hope this isnít the way of the future for many of these types of shows. ***

At the very least if Warner is going to release this on DVD-R they owe it to fans of the show to, at the very least, reduce the price of this product since youíre getting very little beyond the episodes themselves. Warner and fans of their shows would be better served by licensing this out to Shout Factory or one of the specialty smaller disc labels at least theyíd put a bit of effort into the packaging and basic presentation. Not recommended.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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