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“Night Court: The Complete Third Season”
Wayne Klein
Studio: Sony
Release Date:
Special Features:



It’s amusing to release that “Night Court” was ever a hit on TV. I never understood the appeal of the series myself and it seems most of the folks reviewing the series (such as themommyfiles-com a blog site that has nothing to do with vintage TV shows or comedies)on their blog weren’t alive or were small kids not allowed to watch the show when it originally aired). Why do I have a problem with this? Well you won't catch me reviewing new diapers, formula, which is the best breast pump, etc. I leave that to their expert hands, taste buds and breasts. They are the expert at stuff like that. Let's leave movies, TV shows and other things that require real critical thinking to those who know the best--chronic TV watchers and people who were actually ALIVE when these shows and movies aired. I promise NOT to review pads that absorb letdown if mommy websites promise not to pretend to be critics. Ok, now on to the show. ***

The premise is pretty simple which probably explains the appeal and the fact that the show hasn’t aged well; the show takes place in a night court where zany people show up and have to deal with a magician/judge (Harry Anderson) dispense advice with a dollop of humor as the attorneys (John Larroquette and Markie Post) argue it out. There’s also the officers of the court “Bull” (Richard Moll) and Bailff Selma (the droll and dry Selma Diamond who passed away during the second season) to help keep things “in order”.

Image & Sound:

“Night Court” was shot on standard def video tape and for a early 80’s show it looks pretty decent. There are oodles of artifacts from the degradation of the videotape masters and the image quality is often quite soft (“Night Court” didn’t look all that great when it was originally aired either)but it’s acceptable for the most part. The show is delivered in a standard full screen format as most shows were at the time. ***

Audio sounds decent although I did note some distortion on a couple of episodes in the set but what matters is that the dialogue is clear. ---

Special Features:

What? You were expecting a magic act from Harry Anderson? It would have been nice to have something that has survived the ravages of time like outtakes or the infamous gag reels but none are part of this set.

Final Words:

“Night Court” was amusing and it has aged fairly gracefully (or as gracefully as possible) but keep in mind the age of the show and the videotape masters. This was never the best looking TV show and isn’t now either but it is acceptable for DVD.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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