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"Night Gallery: Season 3"
Wayne Klein
Studio: Universal
TV - Series
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary tracks, "Lost" Episodes


Always lingering in the shadow of "Twilight Zone", "Night Gallery" never received the love or critical respect that Rod Serling's first TV series received. Serling gave up creative control for "Night Gallery" hoping he would work less unfortunately that wasn't often the case as he would battle producer Jack Laird and others at Universal to insure a quality series. Although Sterling's name was above the title (so-to-speak), "Night Gallery" was as much writer-producer-director Jack Laird's show as it was Serling's. ***

The third season of "Night Gallery" still managed to have a number of classic episodes even though they were sometimes fewer and far between compared to seasons one and two. ---

Image & Sound:

Universal has done a stellar job with the transfers for the third season (much as they did with the second). The show does look soft on occasion but the overall presentation is quite nice. Image quality is surprisingly good with nice detail and although the colors are a bit subdued by modern standards, that's the look of the show itself and was pretty typical of early 70's TV shows. ***

The mono soundtrack sounds nice and clear although there is some dullness that creeps in on some of the "lost" episodes simply because they had to use a variety of sources for the sound to complete them. ***

Subtitles are in English (SDH).

Special Features:

The special features include commentary tracks from Scott Skelton and Jim Benson who run TV Time Machine. Both Benson and Skelton worked with Universal to reconstruct the "lost" episodes from season two. Many of these episodes were "lost" because they were radically recut ("Die Now, Pay Later"), couldn't be located "Witches Feast" (which comes from a pristine beautiful looking 35mm print), have footage restoredthat never aired "Little Girl Lost" and also includes the short "Room For One Less" all with commentary tracks by Skelton and Benson discussing what happened to the episodes and how they were restored. ---

Final Words:

All of the extras and effort that Skelton, Benson and Universal put into this two disc set bumps it up from three to four stars.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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