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“Nikita: Season One” - {Blu-ray}
Daniel Ruwe
Studio: Warner Brothers
TV - Series
Release Date:
August 30, 2011
Special Features:

See Below


The main antagonist of Nikita is the Division, a massive organization loosely connected to the government that produces highly skilled brainwashed assassins. In the world of television, especially the kind of television that airs on the CW network, that sort of business is apparently a huge profit center. Some might wonder why anyone would want to work for such an organization, or why it is more profitable to kill people than to make some tangible product, because let’s face it, there is more demand for, say, cars than there is for intricately planned murders. ***

The Division is the kind of massive, hard-to-keep-secret, evil organization that somehow no one really has a problem with. Its biggest enemy is the titular Nikita, a rogue Division agent who has sworn to take down the group after it killed her fiancé. She has two allies: Michael, a high-ranking Division officer, and Alex, a fledging Division assassin who is immune to the Division’s brainwashing techniques. ***

I don’t know how realistic shows with tons of double and triple crosses are, but they’re fun to watch. Double crosses are what this show is about—a missed episode can put you behind for weeks. Sometimes the show starts to collapse under the weight of all the plot twists, but it never quite jumps the shark into absurdity. Nikita is a little inconsistent sometimes—the villains are pretty one-dimensional, and sometimes the dialogue is weak—but overall, the first season of Nikita is pretty good. ***

Image and Sound:

Both the video and audio quality is top of the line. The image is sharp and clear. The colors look good, with minimal bleeding. The DTS-HD Master Audio Surround sound is fantastic, with clear dialogue, crisp sound effects, and nice acoustics. Sometimes the sort of generic score gets buried in the sound effects, but overall, the audio presentation is pretty good. ***

Special Features:

The special features are pretty good. There are two showrunner commentaries; “Phoenix” with co-executive producers Craig Silverstein and David Levinson and writer David Barnes, and “One Way” that stars Silverstein and writer Albert Kim. There is also a very good production documentary called “Inside Division,” some features giving more information about Division and the characters, and some deleted scenes.

Final Words:

Nikita is a solid action show with a lot of room to grow. It has its share of problems but the good parts are good enough the show can get away with them, and has the potential to blossom into a really good show.


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