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“Paul" - {Bluray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: \Universal
Release Date:
Special Features:

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Paul (Seth Rogan)came to Earth and like E.T. wants to go home except he isn't very wholesome nor does he Reese's Pieces. Filled with profanity, crude jokes and fall down funny moments, "Paul" won't be for someone expecting a mild family comedy (there's a good reason it's rated "R"). When Paul encounters a pair of comic book writer/illustrators Graeme and Clive (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost teamed in hilarious effect yet again)on their own road trip after Comiccon near Area 51. The trio end up being chased by Agent Zoli (Jason Bateman)in attempt to recapture the escaping alien.*** As enjoyable as "Paul" is the film isn't the best work that Pegg and Frost ("Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz") have done--it's funny and enjoyable but should be funnier with the situations that occur.***

Directed by Greg Motolla ("Superbad", "Adventureland")does a really good job with the pacing on the film keeping it fun and entertaining. The film is filled with great supporting actors including Kristin Wiig ("Saturday Night Live"),Jeffrey Tambor ("Arrested Development"), David Koechner ("The Office"), Jane Lynch ("Glee") and Sigourney Weaver ("Alien", "Ghostbusters")who provide their fair share of hilarious moments as well.***

Image & Sound:

The Blu-ray has an extremely sharp, nice looking transfer that nicely captures the "look" of the 70's science fiction films that inspired Pegg and Frost to write the film in the first place. Audio sounds quite nice with a very good surround mix.***

Special Features:

The special features include "Between the Lightning Strikes: The Making of Paul" a 41 minute documentary on the making of the film. The Blu-ray (the uncut version is included as well)features an audio commentary from Greg Mottola, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Hader and producer Nira Park. We also get an hour of featurettes as well as a featurette on the design and creation of Paul and a gag reel among many other extras. Storyboards, trailers and TV spots round out the special features included here.***

Final Words:

"Paul" won't be for everyone--but if you enjoy films like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" along with references to numerous science fiction films and the TV show "The X-Files", you'll enjoy "Paul".


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