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"Poltergeist" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date:
September 7, 2010
Special Features:

See Below


"Poltergeist" is the closest that Steven Spielberg has come to making a horror film. Yes, I know Tobe Hooper got credit for directing the film but Spielberg's fingerprints are all over this movie.***

The film remains creepy all these years later holding up remarkably well probably because Spielberg and Hooper rely on old fashioned suspense thrilling techniques to anchor the movie while employing some novel (at the time) and new techniques. The other part that keeps "Poltegeist" so potent are the strong performances by the actors particularly Jo Beth Williams and Craig T. Nelson in the main roles as the parents.***

Image & Sound:

"Poltergeist" looks quite nice in its Blu-ray debut--the film looks surprisingly sharp with robust colors (particularly when compared to the original DVD transfer--the remastered DVD comes from the same high definition source and looks quite nice as well). Detail is quite nice and while there is some mild speckling springkled throughout the film, the presentation looks spectular for the most part.***

The audio isn't lossless which is a pity--it's presented in a 16 bit presentation that's quite nice but I'm a bit surprised we didn't get a lossless presentation.***

Special Features:

Unfortunately when the movie was remastered for Blu-ray and DVD we didn't get any extras such as a commentary track (no suprise given that Spielberg doesn't like commentary tracks) nor do we get any extras on the making of the movie (not even the vintage featurette done at the time).***

We DO get a rather clever featurette that discusses the subject matter of the film. The featurette entitled "They Are Here" is pretty good even if it isn't tied directly into the production of the film. We get a parade of parapsychologists surrounded by clips from the movie discussing the REAL world of spirits.***

The film is surrounded by tragedy (as there was the murder of one cast member and the premature death of Heather O'Rouke. Perhaps the rumors that swirled around the film at the time that Spielberg had stepped in and taken over the direction of the film played a role in the decision not to include anything about the making of the movie itself.***

Final Words:

Although I'm a little disappointed by the lack of extras here the film itself looks exceptionally good and THAT'S what you'll end up viewing over and over again.***


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