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Studio: Lionsgate
Release Date:
Special Features:

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Start with the title of this highly touted film PRECIOUS: BASED ON THE NOVEL "PUSH" BY SAPPHIRE. That seems a bit presumptuous. Then note that the film's Executive Producers are Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, and that the film includes Mariah Carey in the cast and the piece seems to have been directed toward notice by the Academy people. For this viewer this is a nice little story that is a very touching examination of the life of a girl with all odds against her who survives it all. Lee Daniels directs an interesting cast who bring off Geoffrey Fletcher's screenplay with all of its street talk very well. But is the overall effect worth all the hoopla?***

Precious (Gabourey Sidibe) is an obese, abused, illiterate 16 year old who has no friends and no support and is pregnant with her second child, the result of rape by her father. She lives with her worthless fat abusive mother Mary (Mo'Nique in a truly brilliant performance) and the two dwell in a hovel as dark as Precious' future: Precious' only salvation is in her dreams of being a glamorous singing and movie star and these sequences are well choreographed. There is a break through for Precious when she is placed in an Alternative School under the warmth and caring pedagogy by Blue Rain (Paula Patton) and she begins her journey to literacy and finding some sense of dignity. Along the way she is assisted by social worker Mrs. Weiss (Mariah Carey) and a day care worker played by the novel's author, Sapphire. Precious is surrounded by a classroom of interesting struggling teens - all well portrayed.***

Special Features:

A Conversation with Author Sapphire and Director Lee Daniels; Audio Commentary with Director Lee Daniels; Audition: Gabourey Sidibe; Deleted Scene: The Incest Survivor Meeting; Featurettes: From Push to Precious, A Precious Ensemble,; Oprah and Tyler: A Project of Passion; Interactive Menus; Reflections on Precious.

Final Words:

The standout performance in this film and the actress deserving of recognition is Mo'Nique. Gabourey Sidebe physically fills her part but she is given very little (except for a major final scene) to display talent. See the film out of curiosity and for the message it delivers.***


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