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"Prom" - {Blu-ray}
Samantha Isler
Studio: Disney
Release Date:
August 30 2011
Special Features:

Last Chance Lloyd; Putting on "Prom"; Bloopers; Deleted Scenes; Music Videos ---


As an avid lover of 80's-90's era romantic comedies a la "Pretty in Pink" and "10 Things I Hate About You," I'm predisposed to be a little harsh on Disney's contribution to the teenage romance genre. That's kind of unfair to this movie, however: "Prom" is most decidedly aimed at the younger half of "teen," where most staple going-to-prom movies have a more adult tone to them. "Prom" is clumsily written and awkwardly acted, but the target audience is not likely to notice. The overall tone of the movie is so eager to please and the actors so genuinely excited that despite its errors, it isn't unbearable to watch.***

The story consists of several interwoven storylines, a sort of teenage "Love Actually." Of course, every cliche is covered: we have the goody girl Nova Prescott played by (Aimee Teegarden), falling for a rebel (Thomas McDonell) who is more than he seems and a geek with a crush on a cheerleader. A budding relationship is formed entirely on lies, a healthy relationship hits a rough patch, and a boy desperately tries to get any date he can. Everything winds up as you would expect it to--no surprises here, but that's how a romantic comedy should be. It's very clean, but still manages to avoid coming off as childish.***

Image and Sound:

The visuals of "Prom" contain all the excellence we've come to expect from Blu-ray. Sound quality wasn't given any special treatment, and there isn't a noticable difference in quality from a regular DVD release.***

Special Features:

The Blu-ray is packed with exclusive bonuses. There's a short Blooper reel--always a fun addition--as well as four Deleted Scenes (8 min) introduced by the producer and director, Justin Springer and Joe Nussbaum respectively. The six-minute featurette called Putting on "Prom", which discusses how "Prom" evolved, and pulls some of the cast and crew out to share some real-life high school memories. There is nearly half an hour's worth of music videos from popular songs featured in the movie, from bands like Allstar Weekend and Girl in a Coma. There's also a ten-minute video called "Last Chance Lloyd," which is basically the entire story of Lloyd, the boy with a list of girls to ask to prom, pieced together (with some longer scenes that were cut from the final version of the movie).

Final Words:

"Prom" is perfect for its tween-age target audience, and doesn't overstretch itself by attempting to cater to everyone. It's good clean fun, but easily forgotten.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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