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"Rain Man" - {Blu-ray}
Wayne Klein
Studio: MGM
Release Date:
Special Features:

Commentary tracks, featurettes, deleted scene


Feel good movies win Oscars even if they aren't able to stand the test of time. "Rain Man" is one of those movies. Directed by Barry Levinson the film allows Dustin Hoffman to chew the scenery as someone with autism who can't do much but he can play the tables in Vegas really well. Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbit a self involved individual who rarely expresses any concern for anyone who isn't Charlie Babbit. When he finds out his wealthy father has passed away and that his mentally and socially impaired brother Raymond (Hoffman) inherited the bulk of his father's wealth. ***

Don't get me wrong "Rain Man" isn't a bad movie it just isn't as good as everyone claims it to be nor is it what I would consider "Best Picture" worthy (or even "Best Actor" worthy for Hoffman's showy performance). "Rain Man" is an example of coldly calculating to create a film that would possibly impress people on first viewing and pick up awards by appealing to people with the right "sales" message. If "Rain Man" was the best that 1988 had to offer than it was a poor year for movies. "Rain Man" is well parodied in "The Hangover" and that parody plays better than "Rain Man" itself. ---

Image & Sound:

"Rain Man" quite obviously was pulled from an older HD master; the film looks OK but there's plenty of digital artifacts on display such as edge enhancement. Digital noise reduction has been over used here as well resulting in the loss of fine detail. The film looks better than the DVD but it is far from what I would consider a text book example of a top notch, demo quality Blu-ray. That will no doubt disappoint fans of the film as well. ***

The audio is better. The lossless 5.1 mix sounds quite nice and natural throughout with a great sounding aural presentation.

Special Features:

We get audio commentaries, a making of featurette and a featurette on autism that's as educational as it is entertaining. We also get a single deleted scene.

Final Words:

"Rain Man" is a good movie that somehow managed to gain enough traction to win a number of Oscars. I wouldn't call "Rain Man" world class cinema but it is entertaining in a white bread sort of way and it's OK to like white bread as long as you're willing to try other more exotic tasting things as well.


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