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"Revenge" (Season- 1) (DVD)"
John A. Reese
Studio: ABC/Disney
Release Date:
August 21, 2012
Special Features:

See Below


"Revenge" began its run last season with a good amount of buzz. The show earned good reviews and many critics thought the first episode set up an entertaining show. It is a nighttime soap based on betrayal and vengeance, but does this aspect work throughout the whole first season?***

The show is about a young woman named Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), who comes to the Hamptons and rents a home next to the Grayson family for the summer. However, it is revealed that Emily has been to the Hamptons before as a little girl. Emily's real name is Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed for a crime he didn't commit and sent to a life in prison for his crime. Then she was permanently separated from him and never saw him again. Now, she's returned to the Hamptons to get revenge on those who betrayed her father, starting with Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe). She's the matriarch of the Grayson family and the woman whom her father loved and later betrayed. Emily's plan is to climb up the social ladder and destroy the people who made her father suffer. However, the further she goes, the more her emotions get involved and the more she questions her motives and the decisions she makes.***

I do not want to go into much more detail since I will end up in spoiler territory. It's a continuing story line, but I noticed that there are several "Villains of the Week episodes. By "Villain of the Week" I mean that there are episodes with one-use antagonists, who are never seen again after that episode. It slows the momentum of the show, but the show picks back up once the continuing storylines return.***

Audio and Video:

Unfortunately, this is a DVD set, so you're not going to get high definition sound and visuals like you would on Blu-ray. It's on par with other TV shows released on DVD, but you can definitely tell it was shot on a TV budget.***

Special Features:

There are four featurettes on the disc starting with "At Home in the Hamptons", an eight-minute look at the locations of the show. "Road Map to Revenge" is a 13-minute look at the creation of the show. "Haute Hamptons: Femme Fatale Fashion" is an eight minute look of the costume designers talking about fitting outfits for the cast. "Nolan Ross Exposed" is a three-minute look at one of the characters on the show. In addition, there is one audio commentary track for the pilot done by creator Mike Kelley and actress Emily VanCamp, bloopers, nine deleted scenes, and two music videos. The first one is the main theme, "For You", by Angus and Julia Stone. The other one is music video is "Distance", from Christina Perri, which aired during the recap episode.***

Final Words:

For the most part, "Revenge" is an engaging and suspenseful show. It's a little soapy and corny at times, but still satisfying. It would have been nice to see a Blu-ray release for "Revenge", but this isn't the type of show that needs to be seen in high definition, so that's okay. The replay value isn't as high as other shows, but it's still worth picking up for new viewers who like soaps.***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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