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"The Rite" - {Blu-ray} - (James)
James Rapien
Studio: Warner Brothers
Release Date:
Special Features:

Interview with real life exorcist Gary Thomas, deleted scenes and a two minute alternate ending. Rated: PG13


When I first viewed this movie, I did not have expectations for it. I had not heard much about it, but I was curious because Anthony Hopkins is such a talented actor. He can single handedly carry a movie to success. The Rite centers around a man named Michael Kovak (Colin O'Donoghue). He travels to Rome and goes to exorcism school. Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) is an Exorcist and Kovak becomes his apprentice. This is a story of a young man being confused about his faith. Kovak seems to be very unsure of himself throughout the movie. He encounters a pregnant woman in need of an exorcism. The exorcism scenes are very eerie and dark. The filmmakers really got these scenes perfect. Every one of them left me on the edge of my seat, nervously waiting for what could happen next. ***

Overall, this film gives two solid performances (Hopkins and O’Donoghue) and gives its audience some very chilling and simply scary exorcism scenes. However, it isn’t a masterpiece and simply won’t be remembered like “The Exorcist” has been for so many years. But, if you don’t hold it to a golden standard, “The Rite” is a great rental that won’t disappoint. Some people may think it is a must have and that could very well be true based on the exorcism scenes alone. ---

Image & Sound:

“The Rite” should be considered a success when talking about the image and sound. Most of the movie is dark and dreary and yet every character has great color and is stunning during the high-intense exorcism scenes throughout the movie. The sound does not disappoint either. In fact, it is just as crisp during calmer scenes as it is during the brilliant exorcism scenes. The audio plays a tremendous role in horror movies and this is one movie, in which the audio enhances the experience without a doubt. However, the Blu- ray is not much of an upgrade from the dvd quality and they could have done better enhancing the images. The imagery of the Blu-ray seems a bit dated, but the audio is great on the Blu-ray. ---

Special Features:

The one complaint about the Blu-ray experience is the lack of extras. An Alternate Ending and seven minute interview isn’t that special. Deleted scenes are always entertaining and the interview is very interesting. But, there is only so much the filmmakers could have done with the special features. If the interview with (Gary Thomas) the real life excorcist that Anthony Hopkins portrays in the film was a bit longer, it would’ve really benefited the special features.

Final Words:

Overall, “The Rite” is worth a look. It gives its audience a great experience throughout. While lacking depth, it makes up for it with great visuals/audio and super intense exorcism scenes. “The Rite” is not the next great horror movie, but it is very solid and worth the 114 minutes it takes to watch it, even if we have seen this type of movie before.


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