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“Scarecrow and Mrs. King” -(1)
Wayne Klein
Studio: Warner
TV- Series
Release Date:
Special Features:



Single mom Amanda King (Kate Jackson) suddenly finds herself in the middle of a nest of spies. Amanda has always wanted to be a spy but has never anticipated how much work and danger is truly involved. Then, of course, there is Lee Stetson (Bruce Boxleitner)also known as the Scarecrow a top notch U.S. spy who’s life becomes entangled with Amanda’s. He wasn’t looking for a partner much less an amateur one and truth be told Amanda’s darned attractive making her even more distracting. ***

The TV show that finally broke Boxleitner and allowed Jackson to escape the shadow of “Charlie’s Angels”, “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” was a popular series during the 80’s and did quite well in the ratings. The show was well written and produced with strong performances from the charming leads. The demand for the show has been there but due to rights issues until recently there was little chance of the show appearing on the horizon. ---

Image & Sound:

While far from a ratty scarecrow this show doesn’t exactly deserve a crown for best looking transfer. Overall we get a solid looking transfer. Colors are good throughout with nice skin tones. The show could use better clean up since there is a fair amount of dirt and debris that shows up from time-to-time. Stock footage in the show probably looks the worst here since it’s usually somewhat ratty and worn looking to begin with compared to other footage. I noticed that there was a major flaw in the second episode with damage to the print used and I was a bit surprised that Warner didn’t try to discover a better source (if possible) for that particular episode. The rest look pretty solid though. ***

Audio is presented without flourish in the original mono. ---

Special Features:

If there are any their secret. Seriously, the show could have used a commentary track or two add in a featurette on the popularity of the series or vintage interviews (you know their around) from the time and you have some potential for good extras. ---

Final Words:

The first 21 episode run looks pretty good overall. As far as I can tell these are not the syndicated versions and are uncut. The writing and performances hold up remarkably well. Fans will be pleased.


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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