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"Sherlock Holmes"- (Movie Review)
Studio: Warner Brothers
Genre: Drama/Action Release: 12/25/ 2009
Cast: Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law/Rachel McAdams/Mark Strong
Guy Ritchie

I had such great expectations for the film "Sherlock Holmes",afterall, it is a "Guy Ritchie" film and he has great talent, when he wants it ! The film has fine actors and the trailer makes it seem like good ol' action film with a touch of humor and creativity. None of these features were able to keep me engaged after the first five minutes.***

I'm sorry (Mr.Ritchie) but you have disappointed me.***

Let's start with what I did enjoy.***

I found the cinematography fantastic, the saturation of colors adding the dark blues, blacks and rich pinks, reds and greens, an overall beautiful canvas to watch. The background was visually stimulating and the one thing I respect about (Richtie) is he uses fast and small motion effectively.***

The list is short and within a few minutes of the film I was no longer interested and even the visual stimulation couldn't keep me intrigued. Even the acting though strong was too individual.***

I found the film boring with a story line dry and it gave me the idea it was a psychotic representation of "Harry Potter" for the older crowd. "Lord Blackburn" had potential of being a strong villain but it missed all the points of intrigue and suspense. I watched his character cast a spell on a girl, in the very beginning of the film, I was more involved in the way "Sherlock Holmes" was getting through the guards then the curiosity or suspense of what would happen to the girl who was possessed. My adrenaline didn't even spike, not even once. Okay. Sure. It's only, now, the first ten minutes it could potential get better. (NOPE). One should always know, much like the beginning of a book, if you aren't hooked, get rid of it.***

I found the segments that were supposed to be intense and suspenseful fall short . (Holmes) and (Watson) were in the pig house and are trying to release (Irene) from being cut in half but It was flat and I found myself yawning. Perhaps it was about how (Holmes) would use his "intelligent" to free her and what's going to happen now, is she going to make it? "Save her already, let's move on."

I found "Robert Downey Jr's" representation of (Holmes) ridiculous and a bit disgraceful to the original idea of what he is. He was a cross between (Bernie) from "Weekend at Bernie's" and "Diane Keaton's" entire wardrobe. The character was taken too far, it no longer became a new twist on an old character but a joke. The world seems to love (Downey) and good for him, he has made a storm on his come backs but does all his characters have to be exactly the same? Did "Robert De Niro" bring (James "Jimmy" Conway) of "Godfather" fully back when he played (Jack Brynes) in "Meet the Parents"? No!, he added his hard ass known style effectively in a comedy and shooting himself forward as a successful comedian. While watching him play this role it made me annoyed, I have seen him perform that fast spoken character in "Iron Man" and even "Tropic Thunder", it didn't work here although he did win the "2010 Golden Globe Award" for (Best Actor in Comedy or Musical.)***

I found "Jude Law's" character, (Watson), strong however in the sense of acting not in selling his character.***

As for the (Watson's) lady (Mary Morstan), I couldn't understand the choice in actor, although "Kelly Reilly" is a beautiful woman, the on screen charisma and meshing with (Law) was disappointing, there was nothing there. Though she was a (Governess), I felt the dark hues on her face, the sunken dark eyes, and dark clothing gave her a suspicion about her, almost a black widow theme. That's all I kept thinking about, was she going to try and poison (Watson's) drink or perhaps use her comb to stab (Holmes?) Perhaps that is what her character will become but they just didn't seem "in love." I can understand she was to love (Watson) for who he was and the job he did, but she might have been given more innocence or grace. Soften the eyes, ease on the dark aura of her and if she is to be bad in the sequel it will throw off the viewers.***

Finally the assessment of "Rachel McAdams" character (Irene.) She was a thief, a temperist and (Holmes') heartbreaker. I find her an accomplished and well deserved actress however her on-screen presence was lost in this film, she seemed to try to hard. She wanted to pull the roll off and that goes right down to her wardrobe. She wore dark pinks with big bustles and then men's clothing and yet her face was pale, calm and fresh. An idea of what (Mary) should have been. Perhaps the pinks and reds were giving the idea of a gypsy or temptress and they didn't want to take the sex away from her. I almost forgot who she was in the film. Thinking to myself the connection of love between her and (Holmes) was there and then it wasn't.***

Final Words:

Overall this film was a hodge podge of special effects hiding the fact the story was dry and the characters were all strong individually but didn't match each other well as a whole.***


Copyright @ Teakwood Productions 2000
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